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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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deoac Is there a mailing list, chat room, or other online place to discuss the CommaIDE? 19:52
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librasteve deoac: I don't believe there is a dedicated CommaIDE chat - what do you want to discuss? 20:19
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antononcube @deoac I think if you are a subscribe there is chat/forum at CommaIDE`s site. (At least, there was such forum one year ago.) 20:22
librasteve ^^ this is why I ask which topic - since there may be more / cheaper help out here in the community 20:29
in my experience (previous Comma Complete client), the support issues are responded to in about 24 hours 20:30
but since I have it and use it I am happy to help if I can 20:31
deoac If I 'use Foo::Bar' in file Baz.raku, exported symbols from Bar.rakumod are not recognized when editing Baz.raku.  That is, in the Problems pane, the symbols are reported as 'Variable so-and-so is not declared'.  The program runs fine despite this complaint. 20:41
.ohnowendigo Needed to generate a bunch of random 10 character strings, normally would use python or J for this, dreaded remembering the J incantation, so decided to try a Raku incantation instead. ('a'..'z').pick(10).join. Gosh I love this language 20:57
_elcaro_ Just to be aware, this will never pick duplicates (which may be what you want) as pick removes the letter from the "pickable" pool (and therefore any pick value > 26 will only pick 26). If you sometimes want duplicate letters, or want to pick n+1 elems from a pool of n, use .roll instead 21:41
[1] > ('a'..'c').pick(10) (c a b) [2] > ('a'..'c').roll(10) (a a b a a c c b b a) 21:42
@.ohnowendigo And as for the J incantation? I would do ?10$26 and then use that to index into the letters. Have you seen my Inline::J module? 21:44
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