This channel is intended for people just starting with the Raku Programming Language ( Logs are available at
Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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jgaz How do I extend a physical line of code along multiple logical lines? The usual trick of `code... code... code \[newline] more code...` seems not to work in Raku. 18:04
lizmat jgaz: an unspace should work... could you gist an example? 18:05
nemokosch in general, adding whitespace often won't work, as in, it changes the parsing
jgaz let me cook up a minimal example. 18:06
nemokosch I'd say it doesn't have to be minimal for now
it's more a principle than an unexpected bug so probably we can manage 😛 18:07
antononcube @jgaz Yeah, as no need for minimal -- just do not just cook it, but also gist it.
jgaz I just tried it with a basic `say $x ~\[newline]$y` and it worked. I must have had some trailing whitespace or something the last few times I tried it. NM. My bad. 18:09
I swear, "idiot" is not my middle name. XD
nemokosch no, it's okay. There are definitely situations where you can't add whitespace and you could in some other language 18:10
gfldex Raku made me activate ¶ in vim. 19:18
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