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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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ionsolo Yesterday on spanish raku forum someone was asking the following: how replicate the g switch when i want to do something between match and match, (for example here he is pushing the match of everything was after a '=' until a '&' or end of line). So i was thinking and get no (easy and elegant XOR satisfactory) answer for that. while ($url =~ /=(.+?)(?:&|$)/g) { push @parametros, $1; } In the end we get 16:57
the conclution of 'c' switch kinda do the job, but the problem is generates extra Nil.
lizmat ionsolo: that's the first time I've heard of a Spanish Raku forum: url ? 16:59
ionsolo is a telegram channel of perl and raku, still you want the url ?
lizmat ah, if it is a mingled channel, I'm less interested :-)
ionsolo yeahh i thinked that, lol 17:00
and yes will be cool if there exists a spanish raku forum but we are so little 😦 17:01
lizmat on IRC, the code is really hard to read... could you make a gist? 17:09
ionsolo yes, wait a sec 17:12 17:17
lizmat ionsolo: =~ ?? don't you mean ~~ ?? 17:39
ah ok, "perl" code :-)
m: say "foo&bar" ~~ / <-[ & $ ]>+ / # does that give an idea ? 17:43
camelia 「foo」
lizmat <-[ & $ ]> is a character class of all possible characters *except* & and $ 17:44
ionsolo ^^ 17:46
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ionsolo ohh i don't get the notification, sorry. 21:36
yes it's "perl code" lol, need to translate to raku code 21:37
for example if you had an url like "" you will get 2023 and 112, the tricky part comes when this user wants to do use the matches as something to loop like for ("aaa" ~ m:g/a/) {...} an expects that the thing inside brackets run three times AND between every match (for example get the firts "a", do the code, next get the second "a", do the code), i don't get if we have some raku 21:43
construct that does that, because i came with this weird idea of using the match method .postmatch to do the loop, but also i think is awful idea
also i have the doubt if use a character class where new line class is inside, i remember that someone says that characters class can do set (in the math sense, not the raku class sense) operations, idk, to me, it looks like a bad idea, I will split in lines every url, process with map, and delete that thing of the newline or "&" of the regexp. 21:50
nemokosch m: .&dd for 'aaa'.match(/a/):g 21:52
Raku eval"aaa"), :from(0), :pos(1))"aaa"), :from(1), :pos(2))"aaa"), :from(2), :pos(3))
nemokosch looks good to me
ionsolo Ok, let me try 22:00
what is .&dd ? 22:02
nemokosch the same as dd($_) 22:03
ionsolo ohh the dumper function 22:04
yes it works !!! 22:06
thanks @nemokosch, great see you still here :3 22:07
nemokosch 😄
ionsolo for the record i have to use the old doc to get it, result that if you search "dd" in the new docs don't have the reference here under the reference section in search bar here using a global google search, kinda get the same 22:11
idk I fear that was the dd comand from the bash 22:12
nemokosch I wouldn't bet my life that is still maintained in any way 22:15
it does show up in the new site as well, except the link is so obscure that you need to be deliberately looking for it 22:17
it's semi-documented, let's say
ionsolo yeah it's more like a freezed documentation from one year or so, but raku hasn't changed to much or so? 22:26
nemokosch Raku hasn't changed too much for sure (some stuff did get added in the meantime nevertheless) but the content has changed enough that eventually you will miss out something that has been filled since 22:27
ionsolo ohh that's enough i guess to read more often the new documentation, i usually think that the latest changes are internal 22:34
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