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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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habere-et-disper m: enum ConfigValues ("Hello\nWorld"{ my ($key, $value) = .words; $key => $value })); 10:04
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Using a type object as a value for an enum not yet implemented. Sorry.
at <tmp>:1
------> ey, $value) = .words; $key => $value }))⏏;
habere-et-disper Is the documentation sometimes ahead of the implementation? 10:05
Workaround: 10:06
m: enum ConfigValues ("Hello\nWorld".lines.pairs.Map);
camelia ( no output )
habere-et-disper m: say enum ConfigValues ("Hello\nWorld".lines.pairs.Map); 10:07
camelia => Hello, 1 => World))
nemokosch What is the difference? 10:08
habere-et-disper I'm not sure. 10:13
nemokosch I mean, what to see here? 11:22
habere-et-disper I don't grok the error -- how are they not equivalent? 11:24
nemokosch I also don't grok the error but I also don't think they are even similar 11:25
In the second case, the indices served as the key of the pairs. There is nothing like that in the first case, simply a string got broken up into, well, one piece 11:26
"The one piece is real!" 😄
lizmat habere-et-disper: you're both using .lines AND .words that doesn't feel right ??
so $value will be Any, thus causing the error message 11:27
nemokosch Oh, apparently I didn't even read the error right 11:28
It makes sense this way
habere-et-disper Thanks lizmat . This example is from just before: 11:31
lizmat m: my ($key,$value) = "Hello".words; dd $key, $value 11:32
camelia Str $key = "Hello"
Any $value = Any
lizmat it's a problem in your code habere-et-disper ^^
habere-et-disper It's not my code -- it's from the enum docs. 11:34
lizmat aaah... ok, then it's a doc issue: the code is wrong 11:35
nemokosch I still can't see that
lizmat or... maybe not
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nemokosch Oh, right above the linked anchor 11:36
lizmat m: enum ConfigValues ("a 1\nb 2"{ my ($key, $value) = .words; $key => $value }));
camelia ( no output )
nemokosch But it didn't imply wrong input
lizmat m: enum ConfigValues ("a 1\nb 2"{ my ($key, $value) = .words; $key => $value })); dd a, b 11:37
camelia ConfigValues::a
nemokosch It just assumed there will be right input, and the one you gave was not the right format
lizmat indeed
(assuming you were addressing habere-et-disper :-)
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nemokosch Yep 11:37
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The one lizmat gave is a sufficient format 11:40
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habere-et-disper Right -- it all makes sense now ! =D 11:41
Does a where clause not effect multi-dispatch priority? 12:32
lizmat afaik a where clause is an arbitrator... 12:38
so it will be applied to all candidates that match the signature without the where clause
nemokosch So you do know the multi resolution order? 12:49
habere-et-disper I've read the docs, so it seems to consider type and arity. I am confused by the "where clause" and "is default" not adding greater specificity in my minimal working example: 13:08
lizmat it takes the first with the if-clause matching 13:11
so if you change the order of the candidates, you should be fine 13:12
habere-et-disper That's the issue. I'm trying a declarative programming approach and I don't want the order to matter. 13:16
nemokosch That's not the only issue really 13:17
The resolution order seems to be obscure and underspecified 13:18
lizmat 13:29
habere-et-disper ^^
habere-et-disper Wow, thanks. (y) So if I grok this now then as long as the predicates are mutually exclusive we can forgo candidate order. 13:41
lizmat yup
otherwise order becomes meaningful
habere-et-disper Lesson learnt. Merci !
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kdon hello, i would like learn what can be done with raku languaje 22:01
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lakmatiol string processing of most kinds can be expressed really nicely. 23:04
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