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drudgesentinel I'm confused by an error I'm getting from a regex smartmatch. I'm seeing: Capture argument is not an object argument for captureposarg. Got 8 instead I can't figure out what this error means. I have simple testdata: [123412134. 123412341234] {foo: bar, veggie: potato, fruit: banana, component: splat} My intent is to split the contents of the square and curly brackets each into a separate capture group 04:33
(named) my $log-line-regex = {/$<unix-timestamp>=(\[.*\]) \s+ $<log-entry>=(\{.*\})/}; $log-line-regex<unix-timestamp> ~~ $line; I'm able to use regexr without issue,, so I assume that I'm utilizing capture groups incorrectly somehow. Any guidance would be appreciated
nemokosch I have never seen this error but to be fair, I have never seen this code pattern and I'm not sure this is even supposed to work 05:11
$log-line-regex is a Block, not a regex
Oh right, and that was only the first line... the second line is much worse... 05:13
What do you want to achieve? 05:14
Oh right sorry, I didn't read that part 05:15
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But I still don't get the second line 05:17
m: my $actually-a-block = { ... }; $actually-a-block<some-indexing> ~~ 'I hope this was a string' 05:29
Raku eval
nemokosch This one survived at least
I really need more context 05:30
m: my $log-line-regex = {/$<unix-timestamp>=([.]) \s+ $<log-entry>=({.})/}; $log-line-regex.WHAT.say; $log-line-regex<unix-timestamp> ~~ 'some string'; 05:44
Raku eval (Block)
nemokosch Yeah, a Block. But not sure what $line can be that it explodes on you
It just wouldn't do anything particularly useful. If you have a desired outcome for the variables, please do say 05:45
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gfldex 11:15
nemokosch wrong chat? 11:41
snonux hi, i have a make-config multi sub, which returns a Hash. i want to merge both hashes and return it from another multi sub. i found that this appears to work. the '% =' appears to enforce "hash context"? without it, the sub would return a List. is there a "better" way to do the same? but this appears to work: 12:58
multi sub make-config(Str:D :$config-file , Bool:D :$dry-run = False --> Hash) {
# Merge default config with config file's config.
% = make-config(:$dry-run), make-config(:$config-file);
nemokosch %(...) is already a better way. % = ... is an assignment to an anonymous variable and you obtain the result of the assignment operation 13:00
snonux ah, it is %(...), i tried {...} but it didn't work. 13:02
nemokosch {...} is too ambiguous in the grammar, it prefers to turn into a Block marker if the slightest ambiguity arises 13:03
snonux %(...) works, thanks :-)
nemokosch by the way, iirc %(...) really just calls .hash under the hood 13:04
(I guess it's not called .map because of the ambiguity with the mapping functionality)
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rcmlz Another approach - without counting threads manually is: Raku $*SCHEDULER = max_threads => Kernel.cpu-cores ); my UInt $BATCH = 2**10; #| Recursive, multi-thread, merge-sort implementation multi merge-sort-parallel ( @a where @a.elems < 2) { @a } multi merge-sort-parallel ( @a ) { my $m = @a.elems div 2; my @l = $m > $BATCH ?? start { samewith @a[ 0 ..^ $m ] } 16:56
!! samewith @a[ 0 ..^ $m ]; ... }
antononcube @rcmlz Are you Python user/programmer by any chance? 17:01
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