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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
nhail Cool, thanks 00:20
This is the full program I was working on, it's just a simple brute force checker for cases in Hensel's Lemma, finding solutions to polynomials in modular arithmetic 00:23
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ab5tract_ nhail: nice! I'm not familiar with Hensel's Lemma but your code is nicely readable 19:09
antononcube Damn, Gretel’s theorem was omitted! Again... 19:13
nemokosch XDD 19:14
nhail ab5tract if you want context, it's a thing in number theory which states that if you have a solution to a polynomial mod p for a prime p, you can under certain circumstances "lift" that solution to another solution mod p^2. and if you can lift once, you can lift again. so you get a series of numbers a_1, a_2, a_3, etc. such that a_n is a solution to the polynomial for p^n. 19:22
Wikipedia might have better information 19:23
my code is just directly checking for a specific p^m, and whether any of the solutions there can be lifted to p^(m+1) 19:44
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