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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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.ohnowendigo Can I define function that takes a predefined signature value? Like I have my $sig = :(Int $a) and want sub foo to have $sig as its signature 20:02
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nemokosch is this a beginner question nowadays? 😅 20:07
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.ohnowendigo I'd assume so 20:12
Doesn't everybody dynamically manipulate signature literals in all their programs? How would you, like, add two numbers without that 😛 20:13
(I can move the question) 20:14
nemokosch I'm not aware of a "high-level Raku" solution
feels like there might be one but I kinda can't think of ti
.ohnowendigo Fair 'nuff 20:15
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librasteve @.ohnowendigo - even if a bit above beginner level, I also had the same question - I found this answer on stack overflow 22:03
(I don't think it answers the question you have directly though) ;-( 22:04
.ohnowendigo I just figured it's not a thing I should be trying to do 22:06
librasteve yeah, there are likely some ways to do this via the MOP (Meta Object Protocol) - but that is over my head 22:07
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