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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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.vushu ab5tract do you stille have problems? 11:34
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ab5tract_ Yup, but haven’t had time to look too deeply into them 13:08
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Dominika mmm... I'm getting a very similar issue to this one: - but when installing with zef, not while trying to use the module. Can't seem to find `src/Perl/World.nqp` anywhere under /usr and /var (there's /usr/share/rakudo/lib/Perl6/World.moarvm tho..?), so I don't know what to poke with a stick further 19:18
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sdomi seems that I don't have a World.nqp anywhere locally at all (which, now that I think of it, makes sense, because I didn't compile raku locally) 19:23
ab5tract_ World.moarvm is the compiled version of World.nqp 19:24
sdomi yeah, i got that much :) moment of confusion, sorry 19:27 <-- seems to crash here 19:28
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sdomi curiously, the library works if I clone the git repo and run it from there; I don't see any significant changes between the last release in zef and the current HEAD, too 19:36
ab5tract_ What if you run `zef install .` from the git repo? 19:48
sdomi just checked, same thing 20:01
ab5tract_ :( 20:15
sdomi for now i'm gonna just run this locally, but eh. hopefully i can figure out what's wrong in general :( 20:22
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