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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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rcmlz Yesterday I was playing around like in - for this I activated RAKUAST cat ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/my_raku.zsh export RAKUDO_RAKUAST=1 All worked fine, I could convert Code from one Language to another. Very interesting feature! Especially for education! However, today I can not run any raku script zef --version fez --version create-workflows-4-github all die with ===SORRY!=== 08:51
Parameter * quantifier not applicable to sigil '' Also after setting RAKUDO_RAKUAST=0 I can not get them running. raku -e "say 12345" works. I am using Raku v2023.10 on iOS 12.7.1 (Monterey) I do not understand why I get the error, why it is not disapearing after setting RAKUDO_RAKUAST=0 and start a fresh Shell and how I can get back to a working system. (No, I did not restart my computer, No, I did not
re-install Raku, No I did not re-install iOS - yet ;-)
What would you do now to resolve the issue? 08:53
Any hints?
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lizmat rcmlz interesting... hmmmm 09:06
are you building from source ?
tea3po does RAKUDO_RAKUAST=0 do something different from unset RAKUDO_RAKUAST 09:08
rcmlz no, using brew
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just running a brew upgrade to ensure I am up2date. 09:09
unset RAKUDO_RAKUASTdid the trick! Thank you. 09:10
tea3po fistpump
rcmlz I was just about to re-install MacOS!
:-) 09:11
lizmat yeah, you only want to set RAKUDO_RAKUAST=1 for testing at the moment :-)
rcmlz I realy like the idea of pupils implementing a solution in the Language of their choice (even making up own ones, like "Romulan" or "Smileys-Only" or "Vampvanish") adn then "translating" to English before handing in to the teacher. 09:14
lizmat rclmz perhaps you could provide a translation for one or ore languages you're proficient in? 09:17
rcmlz Yes, where I live there are many languages spoken by the pupils, will see how can integrate that oportunity "make my own language" to motivate Programming. 10:31
lizmat should give some context 10:33
rcmlz Thank you 10:37
lizmat tea3po: you should unset atm 10:45
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