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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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ab5tract vushu: Good news! With some very minor tweaks I was able to compile and run raylib-raku on macOS :D 10:32 10:34
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ab5tract vushu: A small note — you might explore changing parameter-less function definitions to be term definitions instead. This allows you to then write `while !window-should-close {` or `get-time` without any parentheses because the term by its nature will not have any arguments 11:54
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ab5tract I’ve done this locally and it works: 11:55
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.vushu <ab5tract> good to know :), thanks for the tip I will see if can incorparate those things. 15:28
antononcube Cross-posting here because for some reason it was ignored yesterday in the “main” IRC channel. (Because certain sites were down or not working or something.) 15:34
Where I can see example of distribution dependent Raku module tests? For example, I want to run one set of tests on macOS and a different set (maybe empty) on Linux.
rcmlz Here it is suggestet to use "skip" - to exclude single (sub) tests, or maybe plain-vanilla KISS like this? use Test; plan 1; if $* { ok True, "Windows-Tests"; }elsif $* ~~ /macos/ { ok True, "MacOS-Tests"; }else{ ok True, "Linux-Tests"; } done-testing 17:58
m: use Test; plan 1; if $ { ok True, "Windows-Tests"; }elsif $ ~~ /macos/ { ok True, "MacOS-Tests"; }else{ ok True, "Linux-Tests"; } done-testing 17:59
Raku eval 1..1 ok 1 - Linux-Tests
antononcube Thank you1 18:05
@rcmlz And yes I was going to do the "plain vanilla" approach. But I was wondering is there are more streamlined way of doing it. 18:07
rcmlz Or do OS-specific test files starting with e.g. for MacOS use Test; plan 1; unless $* ~~ /macos/ { skip-rest "Skipping MacOS specific tests"; exit; } ok True, "MacOS-Tests"; done-testing 18:12
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