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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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air4x Hi, does anyone know a way to play audio files (mp3s) in raku? 14:00
nemokosch I think this is worth taking a look at 14:14
air4x Seems just what I need, ty 14:23
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antononcube @air4x You can also translate and transcribe mp3 files -- see "WWW::OpenAI". 17:58
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stanrifkin How can I stop an infinite loop within the repl? .say for 1..Inf; If I press ctrl-c two times it quits the raku repl too and I end up in the shell. Is this the normal behavior? 18:42
nemokosch yes, pretty much 18:45
stanrifkin There is no way to stop and get back to the repl prompt? 18:46
nemokosch not any more than for any script
stanrifkin OK 18:47
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