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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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librasteve I am on arm_64 sonoma 14.1.1 ... I have an old x86 Mac Mini that was on 10.x and eventually bit the bullet and installed ubuntu 22:09
antononcube @librasteve And then what happened? Come on! The suspense is killing me!!! 22:11
librasteve well macOS is much slicker than ubuntu (and ubuntu runs a lot hotter) ... but it does a good job as a workhorse file server and runs the latest rakubrew 22:12
and with macOS 10.x imo you are running into real security risks 22:13
antononcube Hm... How so? 22:15
(Security risks with macOS 10.x ...) 22:16
librasteve it is unsupported by Apple / unupgradeable 22:17
antononcube I see. 22:18
scullucs I'm seeing this in some code: self.bless( value => $str ); What's that "value" there about? 23:58