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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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ab5tract thanks for reporting DarthGandalf 00:09
DarthGandalf np
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rcmlz @lakmatiol thank you. I am using now my $n = $IN.get; for $IN.words -> Int(Str) $num { $new-max += $num; $new-max = 0 if $new-max < 0; $max = $new-max if $max < $new-max; } which works also on large files (and is in total in the time range of a basic c++ solution) 09:24
lakmatiol Nice 10:41
ab5tract rcmlz: great to hear that 10:58
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rcmlz lizmat: I checked how formated-Discord-input looks in - awfull. I always had in mind to format them such that search engines might be able to use it (like in StackOverflow or Mailman-Archives. But I guess that is not what Discord is made for ... What is the best way of formating questions such that they are readable in booth, IRC and Discord and are 13:03
lizmat wrt the readable part: people usually make a gist and refer to that in their query 13:04
this has the advantage of correct formatting, and keeping the channel less noisy 13:05
re search-engine searchable: I think that if a gist is marked as "private", good search engines will not index it 13:06
so if you want it to be searchable, I guess it needs to be a public gist
rcmlz OK, then it is also important not not delete gist and keep it public. Do we expect search engines to index the Raku channels?
Funny, duckduckgo/bing already indexed yesterdays talk (" max-subarray-sum"), whereas did not 13:11
lizmat cool 13:17
afk for a few hours&
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antononcube @rcmlz One year ago a made some study of the Raku IRC logs: how many messages/people, how many messages per handle, Pareto principle, etc. It was hard to ingest and parse the I%C logs data in Raku. 13:54
I never published that study, only discussing it here. I guess I will wrap it up in some good enough form, and proclaim it… 13:55
DarthGandalf antononcube: by I%C you meant misspelled IRC? 14:08
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antononcube @DarthGandalf Yeah. 🙂 I type in that message on a mobile device... 17:41
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librasteve crag of the day crag 'say 2**63-1' 22:55
crag 'say 0rII ** 0rLXIII - 0rI' 23:03
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