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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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DarthGandalf Hi, me again :) I have some problems using perl5 code from raku: first, if any .pm file is in a deep subdirectory of current dir, it shows a warning for me ".pm file extension in raku library path seen at:" even if I don't try to load that code at all. I basically did "cpanm -L . Foo::Bar" to avoid polluting my system dirs 23:47
Another problem is that Inline::Perl5 doesn't let me subclass from perl5 package 23:48 - when I try to call findPath(), it tells: Can't locate object method "doAStar" via package "Day11::MyStar" at ../libp5/lib/perl5/AI/Pathfinding/ line 102. 23:49
doAStar is what internally findPath calls (in perl 5)
I also tried another perl5 library, as seen in the code - Graph::Implicit, but that one had another issue: it tries to bless a Sub passed to it into its package 23:50
then later it cannot find the astar() method I'm calling on the Sub object 23:51