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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
DarthGandalf oh, and another way of inheriting mentioned in the doc (Inline::Perl5::Perl5Parent) even refuses to compile: Invalid typename 'Inline::Perl5::Perl5Parent' 00:11
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lizmat It's advent calendar time again: 12:56
ab5tract DarthGandalf: sorry you keep hitting bugs :( 17:09
can you report the `Inline::Perl5` issues to the project repo? 17:10
DarthGandalf sure! 17:25
the .pm warning I mentioned is in rakudo itself, not in Inline::Perl5
but other issues are
ab5tract yeah, there's a Rakudo bug in the "pm" handling for sure. I don't know whether anyone considered mixed Perl/Raku codebases when that was implemented 17:54
I doubt this will have an effect, but it would be cool if `use v5.32` or whatever would disable this check 17:55
librasteve looks like that's a bad check period to me 18:04
.vushu @abstract you can proably use this font to the snow simulator flakes 20:18
ab5tract that's an interesting thought... 20:20
I would prefer to do it through loading the unicode snow characters in raylib, but it's cool to have the option. 20:21
.vushu got unicode, 20:25
I came across this It seems like that the font you wan't must contain the unicode, if it doesn't i will just show [] or ? 20:26
I tried to render the snow flake unicode, but failed to find a font that has the snow flake 20:29
ab5tract ah really? I think its in Deja Vu Sans at least, for sure its in noto emoji 20:40
or at least, I would have expected :S 20:43
.vushu did you get the unicode working the same way as you mentioned you got 'abstract' working? 20:56
.vushu I will upload an example 20:57
ab5tract thanks! 21:20
.vushu Ab5tract here is a simple example I believe that .ttf are barely supported according to my testing and according to this 22:53
ab5tract Ah, great, thanks 23:16
Regarding .fnt, I saw that the current tooling for creating them is not very straightforward. thought it might make for a cool Raku one, actually. 23:17
.vushu yeah would be a nice thing to make I think I use this java tool at some point in time 23:39
antononcube @vushu did you work on chess position images rendering? 23:50