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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
.vushu @antononcube no I haven’t yet 😅 00:11
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mcmillhj If I have a long expression like `$game-record.comb(/\d+ \s (red|green|blue)/)>>.split(' ')>>.map(-> $quantity, $color { $color => +$quantity }).flat.classify(*.key, :as{ $_.value });` for example. Is there a way I can wrap this across multiple lines in my editor so I can comment on each part of the transformation? 15:42
nemokosch >>. is the tough part 15:44
I wouldn't know it offhand how to kind of reset parsing after that 15:45
mcmillhj I wasn't sure if there was some way to signal there is more in this expression similar to `\` in shell 15:48
lakmatiol it does exist and it seems to work $value>>.\ map()>>.\ split()>>.\ ... 15:50
mcmillhj :| well not I feel dumb. I left a space between the `.`  and `\` so it wasn't working. 15:51
Thank you!
lakmatiol raku is quite unpredictable with where whitespace can and can't be,ye 15:52
nemokosch eventually, mere . was allowed to be detached
but not even derived operators like .& 15:53
makes you wonder
lakmatiol an mildly janky alternative that doesn't have such unpredictable whitespace is $value andthen $>>.split andthen $>>.map; 15:54
librasteve would not pipes ==> be an option? 15:59
mcmillhj not sure I follow what you mean. You're saying I can simplify the transformation pipeline? 16:03
ab5tract librasteve++ 16:10
librasteve my @result = ( <TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SEVEN> »~» " " X~ <FIFTHS SIXTHS EIGHTHS> # (1) Input ==> map( {"VULGAR FRACTION " ~ $^þ } ) # (2) Converts to Unicode name ==> grep({ .uniparse }) # (3) Filters only real names ==> map( { .uniparse} ); # (4) Converts to unicode ); 16:11
^^ from the docs ...
DarthGandalf do you mean applying hypering to ==> ? »==>» ? 16:12
nemokosch that's the thing with pipes: they are only nice under very specific circumstances 16:13
librasteve I am chucking into the mix ... but I have not checked best way to use pipes and hyper (I guess '.hyper' would be a good way)
nemokosch ==> is basically syntax sugar for pushing a last argument into a function call 16:15
I think it can also push into an array 16:16
librasteve probably you can write '>>.op.' as another 'map(*.op).' 16:21
nemokosch you can most of the time but it's worth knowing that >>. is semantically a deepmap 16:22
librasteve fair point 16:23
DarthGandalf oh, `deepmap({$_})` looks like what I needed yesterday. I used `from-json(to-json(@foo))` instead >< 16:26
librasteve detaching .&fn with <.ws> sounds good to me ... is this a change you have requested? 16:31
nemokosch I think it doesn't work 16:33
some weird parsing path "unlocks"
librasteve (I guess it maybe hard to cram even more into the syntax parse)
well raku is crammed to the gills with parsing paths that's for sure
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