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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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DarthGandalf Hi, something broke for me: - this happens when I try to run raku without parameters 08:32
and it just outputs the same error in loop 08:33
why does it try to search for some .so file in temp dir?
nemokosch Never seen anything like that 08:34
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antononcube Cool. But can that module — or you 🙂 — produce an actual image of chess position. (PNG or JPEG.) 09:22
.vushu @antononcube I began drawing a chess game window using raylib, then noticed that I don’t know how to generate a png for your use case. There are proably some modules out there that can draw images like a canvas? 10:22
nemokosch 10:45
you can apparently draw to a HTML5 canvas and then save it as PNG
.vushu cool @nemokosch maybe you can use this @antononcube 10:47
nemokosch XD
btw I would consider just composing an SVG
especially since one can just take a base chess board + figures SVG and update that with the DOM 10:51
antononcube @nemokosch I am not sure can LLMs do image recognition based on SVGs — it is worth to try it. 10:55
@.vushu …And yes Nemokosch is a fan of David Warring. I was looking for something like this, BTW, I few days ago without success. So, thanks for bringing it up! 10:57
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mcmillhj If I have two ranges of the same length what would be the idiomatic way to map them to one another? I am currently doing this but it feels a bit clunky. `my %h; %h.append: ((1..^5).flat Z (20..^25).flat).flat`. 14:52
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lizmat m: my %h = 1..^5 Z=> 20..^25; dd %h # mcmillhj like this? 14:56
camelia Hash %h = {"1" => 20, "2" => 21, "3" => 22, "4" => 23}
mcmillhj yes, exactly. What is that operator? Is `=>` someway to modify `Z` or is `Z=>` a separate operator? 14:59
lizmat Z is a meta operator 15:01
if you don't specify an operator next to it, it will assume "," which creates lisr
m: dd 1..^5 Z+ 20..^25 15:02
camelia (21, 23, 25, 27).Seq
lizmat m: dd 1..^5 Z* 20..^25
camelia (20, 42, 66, 92).Seq
mcmillhj ohh, okay. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the clear explanation. 15:03
lizmat you're welcome! 15:04
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