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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
_elcaro_ I have a Point module available that supports math ops between points I did think about adding a distance method, but didn't want to assume which distance people want. 01:37
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Rajhan Thanks @nemokosch for suggestion, i will use that link 02:53
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ab5tract _elcaro_: one option is create a named paramete that allows the user to specify their preference while also allowing a default 09:41
another would be to make it a multi method and then they specify their preference a little more succinctly 09:43
m: multi sub f() { "default" }; multi sub f(:$choice!) { "you've chosen" }; dd f(); dd f(:choice) 09:45
camelia "default"
"you've chosen"
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librasteve this (overloading of cmp) has worked fine for me 17:31 (line 140)
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