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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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antononcube Why "smart-match against False always fails"? (I saw that error message today.) Where it is documented? 20:13
nemokosch 20:14
it's not an error; it's a perfect example of being too indecisive 20:15
when uses smart-matching under the hood but somebody thought it should also try to mimic the behavior of if as much as possible
so smartmatching was deliberately ruined to support this use case 20:16
antononcube Thank you for your prompt reply! 20:19
I get it -- the "strange consistency" strikes again... 20:24
nemokosch exactly 20:27
a backwards abstraction
librasteve I guess that the design is to make it possible to isolate code sections during dev 'when False { never runs }' or 'when True {always runs}' in a way that is analogous to 'if True {...}' and 'if False {...}' 22:22
since you just can go 'when *.so {}' instead, this seems OK (ish) to me (not ideal, but you get the best of both worlds at the cost of a warning surprise) 22:25
the docs are LTA
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