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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 10:20
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eiro hello rakoons 14:23
i'm a raku beginner since 2005 :) 14:24
what is the best way to scaffold a raku project nowadays ?
antononcube @eiro Start using ChatGPT via Raku; install "Jupyter::Chatbook"; use the code generation prompt. 14:28
My advice is biased.
Otherwise, Comma IDE provides a fair amount of scaffolding functionalities. 14:29
eiro chatgpt :)) 14:40
I will ask another way: is there a replacement for App::Mi6 or a zef create official subcommand ? 14:41
nemokosch an official thing probably not 14:42
I'm trying to resurrect Ddt as an App::Mi6 alternative but for some reason the original author never thought about having configuration so it's taking a while 14:43
antononcube @eiro You could have asked ChatGPT your "different" question.
nemokosch also these days you could check if fez has some authoring features
antononcube @eiro What do you want to use "App::Mi6" for? Can you formluate a few specs? 14:46
.vushu fez to create and upload 14:49
eiro fez? is there a fez command? (sorry for my rusty raku :)) 14:52
antononcube Here is a screenshot show how ChatGPT can be used instead of "App::Mi6": 14:53
"fez" is a command line tool. Install with "zef". (Get it?!) 14:54
eiro I would like to use Cro as a replacement for a flask app (for raku newcommers who want to 15:04
create a non-critical app) 15:05
thing is: if I help someone to try raku, I want to enforce best practices and packaging from the very beginning is a very good practice 15:07
but I have no other spec as I don't know about the recent evolutions of the raku ecosystem 15:08
nemokosch if you know the historical background of Raku, you may also know that it doesn't have a culture of "best practices" for the most part 15:20
I'm not saying it's necessarily a good thing
Just to establish some sort of context
Some of the largely uncontroversial best practices would be: using the extensions .raku, .rakumod and .rakutest respectively 15:21
using use v6.d on top of Raku files to ensure language version used for the script
avoiding use lib as much as possible, favoring even the -I flag if needed 15:22
using the distribution structure one can see with zef, and releasing distributions using fez 15:23
antononcube @nemokosch > avoiding use lib as much as possible, I have seen this mentioned before. I follow it, but is there are more detailed discussion? 16:13
nemokosch Probably there is, I would just check the rakudo and the doc issues and where it all leads to 16:15
antononcube ok, thanks!
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.ohnowendigo Finally found a use in one of my projects for Raku grammars. It was super handy! 22:00
The problem was parsing the output of a pathing algorithm in a PL that didn't have a JSON output, and then visualizing that information on a grid 22:01
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