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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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dano I can get file handles for files with open. Is there a similar file handle interface for STDOUT and STDERR? How can I get STDOUT as a file handle? 09:45
kjp dano: $*IN, S*OUT and $*ERR start out connected to stdin, stdout and stderr, although it seems to be rather difficult to find documentation for them. 09:59
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ACfromTX Can someone point me to how to to change the default install directory for raku versions in rakubrew on Windows to something other than "c:\rakubrew" WITHOUT having to set --prefix each time? 17:41
Thanks in advance!
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dano Thanks kjp 18:03
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gfldex ACfromTX: If you move the install dir expect to hit the path length limits windows (foolishly) comes with. 20:14
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ACfromTX Understood, gfldex, and thanks! 21:15
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