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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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tonyo you can write a helper to merge exports for you too; eg: `need A; my \ASUB = module {};{ ASUB::{$_.key} := $_.value }); ASUB::sub-in-a` 01:36
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librasteve @aruniecrisps - please can you share back your final code ... would be interesting to see these Cro route "plugins" as a pattern 09:18
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thowe: since you mention my question is more academic, I have finally twigged the academic answer:- 09:50
the loop does not know that it is in it's LAST iteration until after that pass ... so, give any pass, the phaser system cannot know that this pass is not the last pass until after it has completed 09:51
lizmat the same applies to the FIRST phaser: it cannot know it's the first time if the "first time flag" is not checked 09:52
so that can't fire either 09:53
hudo__ what is the "main script path" in commaide ? 10:28
librasteve are you setting up the sdk? 10:29
I am looking at the Raku Project Structure dialog (got here with CMD-; (semicolon) )under Platform Settings > Raku Compilers ... 10:33
hudo__ I downloaded the commaide for windows. On my system I installed the rakudo star release for windows which is now located ( the exe files )in c:\rakudo\bin
librasteve It has a field called Raku Compiler Home which I have set to ~/.rakubrew/versions/moar-2023.11/bin
hudo__ the rakudo path is added to the user system path 10:34
where do I find that Raku Compiler Home field ? 10:36
librasteve I am on a mac so may differ a bit ... when I set it up I used the folder icon to browse to the folder that contains the 'raku' command (also contains perl6, moar, nqp commands)
file > project structutre > platform settings > raku compilers 10:37
btw I use vi a lot as well as commaide, the IDE (comma and also its IntelliJ Idea sister products) is beginning to grow on me is beginning to grow on me ... but my vi habit is still very strong 10:41
hudo__ after setting the raku compiler path ( and the sdk path ) I do have to configure under "Run" something to run a programm ? 10:43
librasteve i just open the terminal in the bottom pane of comma and use that (you can also configure run and test environments - but not worth the bother for a small test) then you can go raku myscript.raku 10:44
suggest you go start comma > new project > raku script 10:47
i just tried with project name mytest --- it gave me a script called mytest (with a prepopulated MAIN() - in this case there is no .raku file extension (this is optional) 10:48
I typd * print "yo" * inside the MAIN curlies, opened the terminal pane and then typed raku mytest 10:49
since the IDE also gives you the hashbang at the top line of the script, you can also go (on mac chmod +x mytest and then ./mytest ... it been too many years to remember the Windows equivalent of that ;-( 10:50
hudo__ discord-raku-bot, okay I got it by starting a new project. Thx for your guidance. 11:06
librasteve you're welcome 11:28
hudo__ what about the readline.dll error in windows ? 11:48
librasteve i guess that you need readline for the raku repl? on mac (warning windows may be different), I go zef install Readline at the terminal and all is fine 12:01
fwiw raku is more battle hardened on unixey systems - so WSL or a ubuntu VM on your windows machine can probably get you further,,, afaik this starts to become painful when you need to install and connect to eg OpenSSL libraries 12:03
hudo__ yes I tried it already yesterday, and it says: All candidates are currently installed
No reason to proceed
librasteve ok - here's the module info ... nothing on how to get libreadline up on Windows ... so I am out of my range when it comes to that (maybe you can research on stackoverfow?) 12:06
the repl is a quite handy tooll for a quick check ... you can get the same effect here ... but if you have Comma you will get better autocomplete, code coloring and so on 12:09
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aruniecrisps @librasteve i just did it the scheme/racket way of having simple functions, and having the differentiating factor be the name itself 16:09
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librasteve ok tx for the update! 17:13
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