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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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tbrowder__ aruniecrisps: check out module Date::Names which has 13 language versions of almost identical subs and constants selectable from a two-letter code 12:43
uses programmatic selection of modules 15:28
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petlib Hi, I tried the code snippet on and got error: You cannot create an instance of this type (Digest::MD5) in block <unit> at md5.raku line 3". 20:14
installed module Test::Util::ServerPort with zef, And this module works fine. 20:16
rakudo is installed via rakudo-pkg on ubuntu 20:17
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librasteve petlib: what version of raku are you running? try raku -v 20:46
(typically the apt type installers are not up to date, I recommend 20:47
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petlib: I tried this example on my machine ... got same error, so I have opened an issue here ... meantime, 21:28
use Abbreviations; my $words = 'A ab Abcde'; # The main exported routine: my %abbrevs = abbreviations $words; say %abbrevs.gist; # OUTPUT: «{A => A, Abcde => Ab, ab => a}␤»
^^ here's a different example picked at random from
that I have tested 21:29
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