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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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tonyo great, can you upload whatever is in sdist somewhere so i can inspect locally? 01:27
antononcube @tonyo Ok, let me see / think where. 01:45
tonyo you can email to me at the email i have listed on here 03:35
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tbrowder__ antononcube: have you considered contributing bulgarian lang for module Date::Names? 13:37
antononcube @tbrowder I browsed that and related modules of your on Monday... Yeah, I will see what I can do. 13:56
@tbrowder BTW, I have done similar locations for Bulgarian, English, Portuguese, and Russian. For example, 14:10
tbrowder__ ah, looks like data are there--maybe use llm magic to populate my contstructs?? 14:14
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antononcube Haha -- I will most likely do it by hand. But it is an interesting use case for LLM utilization. 14:24
Most likely, actually, LLMs can be applied directly from your xx.rakumod files and produce the corresponding ones for multiple languages. 14:25
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habere-et-disper m: say 64 ** ⅓ 14:29
camelia 3.9999999999999996
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antononcube @habere-et-disper Yeah, nice. 14:57
librasteve m: '(64 * ⅓).nude.join("/").say' 15:05
Raku eval WARNINGS for /home/glot/main.raku: Useless use of constant string "(64 * ⅓).nude.join(\"/\").say" in sink context (line 1)
librasteve m: (64 * ⅓).nude.join("/").say 15:06
Raku eval 64/3
librasteve (doesn't work for power '**' operator of course since (cube) roots produce irrational numbers) 15:07
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tbrowder__ antoncube: does yr lang data include rules for handling date names like abbreviation, capitalisztion, use of periods, etc.? if so i can use yr module to proceed on my own. 16:20
antononcube: ^^^
antononcube @tbrowder Yes, at least to a point. Please, look at these tests: 16:22
The grammar itself should be more capable that just those tests. Also, because of time interval parsing I made "DateTime::Grammar" (which is a refactored version "DateTime::Parse".) 16:25
tbrowder__ ok, btw, thnx for reminder of eric raymond's rules. i also try to heed Dr Donald Knuth's rules 16:44
i think i need the hand crafter version of the language since i'm trying for precise output. i see in yr methods words ro that effect. 16:46
s/crafter/crafted/ 16:47
actually i probably could get more language translations by (1) showing a template table for requirement and (2) provide a raku executable asking for specific user input. 16:52
on my TODO list
antononcube I can make LLM translations tonight. It should not be that hard to set up to generate files for multiple languages using as examples one or two of already existing files. (In "Date::Names".) 16:54
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librasteve use Rat::Power; say 64 ** ⅔; #16 17:56
^^ announcing the new Rat::Power raku module 18:14
lizmat m: say 64 ** ⅔; 18:17
camelia 15.999999999999998
lizmat m: dd 64 ** ⅔ 18:18
camelia 15.999999999999998e0
librasteve lizmat: try zef install Rat::Power 18:36
;-) 18:37
extracting a root will almost always make an irrational number ... this module is to catch the rare exceptions 18:39
lizmat looks like the META is missing a URL to the repo 18:40
ah, you just fixed that ?
librasteve yep
gettimg used to App::Mi6 finally
i'm toying with the idea to make a Rat::Pretty module to format Rats as unicode fractions where ppossible .... or is that work in hand already? 18:42
lizmat that already is in RakuAST 18:43
m: Q|dd 22/7|.AST.EVAL
camelia <22/7>
lizmat hmmm
m: Q|use v6.*; dd 22/7|.AST.EVAL 18:44
camelia <22/7>
librasteve ah the "demo effect"
lizmat yeah :-(
m: Q|use v6.*; dd +22/7|.AST.EVAL
camelia <22/7>
lizmat m: Q|use v6.*; dd +(22/7)|.AST.EVAL
camelia <22/7>
lizmat meh
librasteve is i tin preview? 18:45
lizmat f5e9b2dcadd013050c9 18:47
ah, I see what the problem is 18:50
cannot show it in camelia
% RAKUDO_RAKUAST=1 raku -e 'dd 22/3'
librasteve aha! 18:54
very nice
tbrowder__ antononcube: in my grandson’s words: that would be awesome! thnx 19:58
antononcube @tbrowder Ok, thanks for the motivation. 20:37