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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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aruniecrisps Okay yea I don't know what's going on, it looks like Cro automatically generates the .pem file but it's not able to read it properly for some reason 05:52
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ab5tract aruniecrisps: I'm unable to load your screenshot for some reason 12:39
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aruniecrisps how about now, @ab5stract? 14:28
librasteve arun: (i) what platform are you on? (ii) what code / commands did you try to get this error? 14:57
aruniecrisps I'm on Mac 15:04
librasteve me too 15:05
aruniecrisps To generate the the project I ran cro stub http checkout checkout and said yes to all the options, to support http 1 and http 2 and websockets
and then i ran cro run 15:07
that's it
librasteve yeah I got the same error Failed to import resources/fake-tls/server-crt.pem as PEM/ASN1/PKCS12... 15:10
aruniecrisps Yea I don't know why that's not working 15:12
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@librasteve any thoughts on what it might be? 15:37
lizmat And another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 15:38
librasteve I have followed the chain to here
(line 500) and tried the README example in this repo (which gives the same error) 15:39
aruniecrisps looks like this is the problem: 15:41
librasteve this on eis above my pay grade ... please can you raise an issue on the Cro github and maybe echo it to the rak-irc channel for attention?
aruniecrisps Which repo should I raise an issue at 15:42
librasteve don't think it matters ... 15:44
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aruniecrisps @librasteve 15:52
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