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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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aruniecrisps anyone ever have raku freak out on them like this? 06:50
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librasteve well it's an error message with a stack trace - looks like you are missing some native library related to Term::termios ... often the mac is non-standard compared to linux and this module may need a manual install of the dev version of the lib with headers or similar 09:22
fwiw I have been using raku on my mac (via rakubrew) for years and I have never encountered this 09:23
I do not trust/use non-rakubrew installations - so my first advice is use that (if you are not already) 09:24
if the problems persists, then you will need to raise an issue in the relevant repo 09:25
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ab5tract aruniecrisps: that's definitely a bit odd.. 16:43
it installs just fine for me\ 16:48
I wonder if it is related to `asdf` somehow? was it working previously and then just started showing this issue? 16:52
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aruniecrisps it might be an asdf thing 18:13
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