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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
aruniecrisps now i'm getting a $*RED-DB wasn't defined in the application, but it seems like i would have to define it in lib/Routes.rakumod? 00:34
SmokeMachine Yes, currently the best way of doing that is with `red-defaults` 00:35
aruniecrisps got it 00:36
SmokeMachine Let me know if that’s working 00:37
aruniecrisps Yep it works 00:38
SmokeMachine \o/
Are you going to use sessions with Red? 00:41
If so, maybe something like this would help: 00:46
aruniecrisps Very likely 00:49
@SmokeMachine i'm running into this issue where i try and do .new on a model Post, and then later do .^save, but it's giving me this error: Cannot look up attributes in a Post type object. Did you forget a '.new'? 00:51
SmokeMachine It seems it’s not being initialised… can I see the code? 00:52
aruniecrisps sub post-routes() { route { get -> { my @posts = Post.^all; template 'all-posts.crotmp', { :@posts }; } get -> 'new' { template 'new-post.crotmp'; } post -> { request-body -> (:$title, :$body) { my Post $post =$title, :$body); say "Post title: $title"; say "Post body:
$body"; Post.^save; } } } }
SmokeMachine Would you mind to share it as a snippet or repo? 00:53
aruniecrisps i just pushed changes up 00:54
SmokeMachine What file are you doing that? 00:59
Sorry, I found it 01:01
You are saving the model instead of the instantiated object 01:02
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SmokeMachine You should do `$post.^save` 01:03
aruniecrisps I'M AN IDIOT
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SmokeMachine Working? 01:07
aruniecrisps yep 01:09
it works
SmokeMachine \o/
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doodler8888 I'm completely new to Raku and working on a simple script to add or remove the ".bak" extension from a file. I'd like to use a flag (like "-c") to switch between using the move and copy functions. I want to achieve this with two separate subroutines for clarity. Here's what I have so far, but I'm running into an issue with how the subroutines are selected if I don't provide a flag: multi MAIN($filename, Bool :$m = False) { 14:25
if $filename ~~ / .bak$ / { my $new_filename = $filename.subst(/.bak$/, ''); move($filename, $new_filename); } else { my $new_filename = "$filename.bak"; move($filename, $new_filename); } } multi MAIN($filename, Bool :$c = False) { if $filename ~~ / .bak$/ { my $new_filename = $filename.subst(/.bak$/, ''); copy($filename, $new_filename); } else { my
$new_filename = "$filename.bak"; copy($filename, $new_filename); I've noticed some odd behavior when trying to select between my two subroutines. Without any flag present, the second subroutine (the one intended for the '-c' flag) always runs, even though I want the first to be the default. I was able to work around this by adding a placeholder "-m" flag to the first subroutine, which feels like a hack. I could also add an if $c
check to the second subroutine, but I suspect there's a more elegant Raku way to handle default subroutine selection that I'm missing.
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MasterDuke doodler8888: do you know about the `is default` trait for multis? 15:22
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doodler8888 like this? multi sub MAIN($filename) is default { if $filename ~~ / \.bak$ / { my $new_filename = $filename.subst(/\.bak$/, ''); move($filename, $new_filename); } else { my $new_filename = "$filename.bak"; move($filename, $new_filename); } } multi sub MAIN($filename, Bool :$c = False) { if $filename ~~ / \.bak$/ { my $new_filename = $filename.subst(/\.bak$/, 16:00
''); copy($filename, $new_filename); } else { my $new_filename = "$filename.bak"; copy($filename, $new_filename); } } raku still executes the second subroutine if no flag is provided. i also tried to use 'where': multi sub MAIN($filename where Bool :$c) {
SmokeMachine m: multi sub MAIN($filename) { say "first" }; multi sub MAIN($filename, Bool :$c!) { say "second" }; @*ARGS.append: "bla" 16:23
camelia first
SmokeMachine m: multi sub MAIN($filename) { say "first" }; multi sub MAIN($filename, Bool :$c!) { say "second" }; @*ARGS.append: "-c", "bla" 16:24
camelia second
SmokeMachine doodler8888: ☝️
Nahita > Without any flag present, the second subroutine (the one intended for the '-c' flag) always runs, even though I want the first to be the default I cannot reproduce that; always the firstly defined one wins for me, and documentation also talks it that way 16:27
SmokeMachine the 2nd one does not require the flag (named parameters are optional (`?`) unless you add a `! `) 16:29
doodler8888 much obliged 17:00
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lizmat And yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 18:08
holmdunc lizmat: Your submissions to HN are being blocked for some reason (11 of the last 20 marked [dead]). If you email the moderator via the Contact link, he will probably sort it out for you 21:11
antononcube HN == Hacker News ? 21:33
Not say "Hungry Ninjas" or "Hilarious Nonsense"... 21:35
gfldex @antononcube Now I want that site be called "Hilarious Nonsense". :-> 21:38
vendethiel It’s its informal name 21:59
antononcube Let us ask ChatGPT: > openai-playground --max-tokens=300 say 10 funny interpretations of the abbreviation HN 22:06
1. Hot Noodles 2. Hairy Nipples 3. Hipster Nachos 4. Happy Narwhals 5. Horny Nerds 6. Hungry Ninjas 7. High Noon 8. Hilarious Nincompoops 9. Heavenly Nachos 10. Happy Nurses
lizmat holmdunc typical, I guess I'll strike HN from my list to post things 23:00
I've had experiences with moderators before: they seem to think what I post is by definition not worthy of HN 23:01
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lizmat oddly enough my posts *are* visible in the search engine 23:03