This channel is intended for people just starting with the Raku Programming Language ( Logs are available at
Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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librasteve Guest30 - I recommend you try App::Mi6 to create / template your module …that’s does a lot of the META6.json work for you … you can use zef install . locally and you need to use fez to release your finished code to the module repo. 02:45
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rcmlz When you just play around you might be able to run the tests like raku -l . -M module::to::load basic-tests.rakutest ensuring your test-file finds everything you use 08:55
this includes the current dir in the folders beeing searched and loads some modules upfront. 08:56
PS: I actually do not know of it is of any use, but I like to include —optimize=3 in the raku calls. 😀 08:58
(like rally stripes make your car go faster :-) 09:02
Maybe let‘s clear that out: what does —optimize=3 actually do - in my pet-benchmarks I did not find evidence for improvements . 09:03
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