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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Tigerpaws Good morning! I was slowly joining the raku community about 5 years, but suddenly got a job that has lasted until last year. I'd like to re-join the community and help in the development of raku. I run the latest releases of Fedora and have used Perl since back in the late 80's. I wrote a few little programs in raku a few years ago, so I have some familiarity with raku. I even made a raku-notebook demo for a local linux users' grou 15:05
p. But that was then.
I'd like to re-join the community now, but maybe start out a little easier - maybe doing testing. Is there anything I can do to get started ? 15:06
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antononcube So, if you have a job you stay away from Raku. If jobless, then Raku it is. 15:34
@Tigerpaws > Is there anything I can do to get started ? Please install the LLM packages and start using Raku Chatbooks.
Tigerpaws I'm fully retired, and not expecting to take another job ever again. Of course, never-say-never. 15:35
Is it sufficient to use the rakudo compiler on distributed on Fedora? It says it is 2024.02? 15:36
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antononcube Should be. 16:01
I am very interested to get the package "Clipboard" to work on Linux. (In case that is of interested to you.) 16:02
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SmokeMachine Tigerpaws: if you would also to like Red ( it would be very helpful! :) (sorry, but if I see someone offering help, I’ll take it!!! :) ) 17:46
Tigerpaws Antononcube: I will look into it, but the clipboard in Linux is a bit tricky, since there are several clipboards involved. 17:49
SmokeMachine: Interesting, but it looks like a rather large project. What exactyl is required here? I presume this is for testing... 17:51
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SmokeMachine Tigerpaws: if you would like using/testing it, it would be very helpful… 18:00
Tigerpaws: helping on discussions like this one ( would also be great! 18:02
Tigerpaws: helping reviewing and improving the documentation would help too: 18:04
antononcube @Tigerpaws Yes, I am aware Linux clipboard(s) can be tricky. 🙂 That is why I am trying to "outsource it." 18:14
That, and I do not have Lunux distro handy...
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rcmlz Tigerpaws: if you like you can also help making Raku more popular by e.g implementing some of the missing excercises on platforms like Excercism - 19:37
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