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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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vendethiel Oh, they dumped the repo 02:38
My commits are still here
I can probably still do mac builds 02:39
scullucs What can I add to this code so that every second, it prints "waiting…"?: loop { prompt "Press Enter…" } 03:43
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nahita3882 i'm an asynchronous noob but I have found this: Supply.interval(1, 1).tap(-> $count { say $count == 0 ?? "\nWaiting..." !! "Waiting..." }); loop { prompt "Press Enter…" } 06:33
sources i) (where it mentions interval) and ii) (the documentation of the method itself) 06:34
so what the code does is that, it schedules a Supply to fire at every 1 second (first argument) starting after 1 second of delay (second argument)
i thought delay is reasonable not to say Waiting immediately after Press Enter 06:35
documentation says the integer count (ticks) is passed on ("emitted") when tapped, i.e., $count will be 0, 1, 2... there 06:36
so i'm exploiting that to print the very first Waiting message with a leading newline to make it not appear side by side to the Press Enter, if that makes sense 06:37
scullucs Thanks! You even included features that my actual code won't require (my question was a kind of "golfed" down version of what I'm actually trying to do), but I'll study it carefully. 06:46
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lizmat vendethiel is there a way the RSC can help you with keeping Comma alive? 08:22
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vendethiel lizmat: I think what the README says about turning it into a plugin first and foremost is true. Notarization requires an apple developer account, and that's pretty expensive (~100 euros a year or so?), plus it requires a mac. 13:00
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lizmat vendethiel I think such a project needs a project group and a fresh repo ? 13:06
vendethiel (I'm not too knowledgeable about the platform underneath. Sena(/altai) usually made the platform upgrades, except for the mac stuff which I maintained separately because it was hacked together) 13:07
but that should allow ditching the intellij fork entirely 13:08
though that may require fixing a few deprecations
lizmat well, it is all above my paygrade, so I cannot contribute in any meaningful way at a technical level 13:09
vendethiel also, merging community and complete since the difference doesn't make sense anymore
lizmat so other people will need to pull the cart, so to say
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