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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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antononcube @lizmat The first example in this post summarizes your latest post: 14:13
winfredraj Hello all, is there a problem with the fez server? 17:01
I am not able to do any zef installs or updates
antononcube @winfredraj Yes, there is a problem with fez/ ecosystem. I complained in the main IRC channel. 17:08
They are looking into it...
lizmat fwiw, I am able to install modules with zef... 17:11
what is the error message that you get ?
antononcube I do not get error messages with zef or fez -- I just do not see my uploads in and . 17:12
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winfredraj Zef update 18:29
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!!! > Failed to update fez mirror: 18:30
Zef install XML::Class ==> Fetching [Fail] 18:31
lizmat winfreddraj works for me without errors, so maybe some firewalling in place? 18:38
if you try to open in a browser, what do you get ?
winfredraj Then it opens up 18:46
I tried in Wsl and in powershell 18:47
Also in Termux
Let me try again in Termux
It works in Termux and Nix-on-Droid in my mobiles 18:56
So that means it is a problem in my laptop, something common for both Wsl and powershell
I'll check the firewall like you suggested 18:57
Thanks Lizmat 18:58
lizmat you're welcome!
winfredraj Hello Lizmat, can you please let me know the zef version you are using 19:47
0.21.2 does not work in my laptop 19:48
0.21.4 works in my mobile
I'm trying to update rstar - let's see if that helps
It was a firewall problem, could fix the problem in powershell 20:20
Wsl is still giving problems, let's see 20:21
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lizmat winfrederaj 0.21.4 23:38