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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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thowe I can't seem to figure out how to do a simple string substitution... 19:09
I have a capture from a regex $0. It isn't a string unless I do $0.Str. But I can't seem to figure out a way to make $0.Str work as the first arg for a subst call.
$line.subst(/$0.Str/'10'); 19:10
er $line.subst(/$0.Str/,'10');
lizmat $line.subst(/$0.Str()/,'10'); perhaps ? 19:11
thowe I have tried a number of variations
that one says Null Regex not allowed
I have also tried $($0.Str) 19:12
The only thing I can make work is to assign $0.Str to another variable and match against that
but there must be a way to not do the extra step
lizmat m: "foo" ~~ /(o)/; say $0; say "foo".subst($0, "bar") 19:13
camelia 「o」
lizmat .subst also takes literal strings, and $0 can be considered one
thowe Hm, the docs made me think it had to be a regex... 19:14
That works for me, but still has me wondering how I would put $0.Str into a regex 19:15
lizmat remember that $0 is syntactic sugar for $/[0]
thowe I don't remember that.. nor do I think I understand it
lizmat and I'm not 100% sure whether a $/ inside a regex refers to its outer or to its inner 19:16
the result of a match is in the Match object, aka $/ 19:17
thowe ah
lizmat and $0 is short for $/[0]: for positional captures, $/ acts as an array 19:18
nahita3882 one can refer to Raku code within a regex with <{...}>
and I tried that with $0.Str
but it turns out to be Nil
lizmat $<foo> is short for $/<foo>: for named captures $/ acts as a hash
yeah, so $/ is already reset 19:19$/_...is_matched <-- see some explanations
nahita3882 so it refers to the inner one as lizmat suspects I guess
librasteve m: my $line = '1234107'; say $line.subst(/'10'/, '0'); 19:38
Raku eval 123407
librasteve the find is first and the replacement is the second arg - as with any method / sub separate the args with a comma 19:41
m: my $line = '1234107'; $line.subst(/2(.)/, $0.Str); 19:45
Raku eval Use of Nil in string context in block <unit> at main.raku line 1
librasteve well that works on my repl
gives 134107 19:46
nahita3882 if you were to start a new session it wouldn't work I think 19:57
it uses a previously calculated $0 there 19:58
if it worked.
m: say S/2(.)/$0/ given "1234107" 19:59
Raku eval 134107
nahita3882 because $0.Str should be evaluated first, then it will be sent to the .subst method; when .subst's actual body did the regex match, it's too late 20:01
thowe does file.IO.lines do some kind of auto chomp? 20:20
nahita3882 it does by default, you can pass :!chomp 20:21
thowe ah... OK... that will clean this up a bit. 20:22
So, my original file has CRLF line endings. I am now not chomping, but after printing the CRs appear to still have disappeared. 20:30
for $file.IO.lines :!chomp -> $line { print $line } <- Was CRLF, now is just LF. 20:34
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thowe The line ending is still being changed somewhere. I guess I need to continue to chomp and then add \r\n, which seems dirty, but gets the job done. 20:55
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