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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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librasteve Tirifto: thanks for coming back ... glad to hear that that resolved it --- reminds me to pick back up the incremental improvements I was making to (such as discouraging *nix package manager versions of raku) 13:47
ikarus: I think that you are on the right track with Hummingbird --- where the emphasis is on simple 13:50
I just picked up Mustache (for a non-html templating project) but have not actually done anything with it yet - I see that Rawley uses it in his rende rexamples here] 13:54
my guess is that HummingBird is template language agnostic - seems that you have a lot of other options 13:56
Humming-Bird is a simple, composable, and performant web-framework for Raku on MoarVM. Humming-Bird was inspired mainly by Sinatra, and Express, and tries to keep things minimal, allowing the user to pull in things like templating engines, and ORM's on their own terms. 13:57
rcmlz What are the problems with using *nix and Rakudo? 15:18
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librasteve the native package managers like apt and yum provide very old versions of raku 16:35
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rcmlz Ah, I had the impression you are talking about NixOS. Just checked Ubuntu Mantic (23.10) and Debian Bookwork (stable) - both have Rakudo 22.12. - if I did not do any mistake. Is that too old (for a stable distibution)? 16:57
Tirifto @rcmlz, most likely yes. Debian Stable has Rakudo 2022.12, too, which contains a bug I just spent a while struggling with. 17:54
Then again, I suppose new versions can introduce new bugs, too, so it ultimately comes down to your use case. :-) 17:56
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