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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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librasteve I just went sudo apt-get install rakudo on my ubuntu ... it installed 22.02 with no zef ... lack of zef is a big reason why older versions are a poor option ... also there is no reasonable way that 22.02, 22.12, or 23.10 are the best choice .... what is the policy here, will these be updated anytie soon (smalles of someone doing this on a one time basis and then not maintaining / running the build chain 14:05
xkoncek if i understand correctly, current Rakudo does not expose any C API? i.e. there is no way to "run Raku from C code"?
similar to "lua_pcall" 14:06
librasteve xkoncek: I think you can run a callback function via FFI
xkoncek yes, i know that if possible, that's the other way around
librasteve 14:10
^^^ maybe this is helpful
xkoncek next question: is there a nice way to execute a function / C function at the end of a raku script *implicitly*? 14:11
like a shutdown hook or something
librasteve I suppose you could call the function from a LEAVE phaser in the MAIN block 14:12
and ENTER to run the set_callback stuff 14:19
[please note that the SO reply I linked has some older version of the nativecall library specifier per the note I just added] 14:20
xkoncek what are phasers? 14:22
I guess Larry Wall (the creator or raku) was a star trek fan 14:31
xkoncek i wrote some phasers at the top of a Raku script, but only the "unsuccessful" ones are executed, even when there is no other code in the script 14:33
UNDO is executed, KEEP is no
librasteve 14:42
I have just tried these example ^^ and they work fine
for 42, Nil { KEEP { say "Keeping because of $_" } UNDO { say "Undoing because of $_.raku()" } $_; # the return value of the block } 14:47
Keeping because of 42 Undoing because of Nil
^^ the default return value of a raku block is Nil ... so that's probably why you only see the UNDO 14:48
xkoncek i mean i just wrote a script like this: `UNDO say "exit";` 14:55
at the global scope
librasteve that explains it 14:58
(the top scope of a script is an implicit block)
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lizmat xkoncek: what's wrong with the END phaser ? 15:36
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habere-et-disper Docs say `codes` is a routine... 22:24
m: say codes 3 22:25
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared routine:
codes used at line 1. Did you mean 'cosec'?
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