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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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antononcube I know I can use <A B>.any in code like sq 'C' eq <A B>.any . But what is the point / how can I use the expression any("A", "B") . 15:12
librasteve Junctions are largely intended to be used in logical operations 15:18
- I mean in the logical test part
antononcube ok, and how is any('A', 'B') is used in those? 15:23
nahita3882 any("A", "B") is the same as ("A", "B").any is the same as "A" | "B" (also is the same as any(("A", "B"))) 15:32
there is a subroutine any which calls .any on its invocant (and its signature is +values, so last one is the same for that reason) 15:33 15:35
antononcube Thanks1
librasteve m: sub fn($x) {if <A B>.any eq $x {say 'ok'}}; say fn:<A>; say fn<C>; 15:49
Raku eval Exit code: 1 ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /home/glot/main.raku Undeclared routine: fn:<A> used at line 1
librasteve m: sub fn($x) {if <A B>.any eq $x {say 'ok'}}; say fn <A>; say fn <C>;
Raku eval ok True ()
librasteve hopfully you get the idea 15:50
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.ohnowendigo I really value that experts like @antononcube are willing to ask questions about parts of Raku they don't fully understand. It's a really big and complex language 17:06
antononcube I do not consider myself an expert in Raku -- I use it 70% of the time, but it is the slowest language I program with. Mostly because of my implicit assumptions about Raku based on too much programming with LISP-like languages. 17:09
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