tbrowder i thought one of the problems was not knowing if a PR to master passed roast. problems with Blin is another story altogether. 00:12
so extending a build time to allow roasting would be a big win. 00:13
e.g., my premature PR merge 00:16
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El_Che tbrowder: does it take longer than 50 minutes? 11:18
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SmokeMachine jnthn: s/WITH/WISH/ on my feedback... sorry I just saw that... 12:18
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tbrowder El_Che: i can't say on travis, but, without inline5 it takes only 8-10 minutes on my super new laptop; but, based on time i've seen to build and basic tests on travis, it would take quite a while longer 13:11
on travis
why don't one of you release folks call Jan 13:17
maybe make a conf call between AlexDaniel and crew and Jan 13:19
the tone of email was very helpful and willing to accomodate
i need to reply something 13:20
okay, i have replied to Jan saying i recommend increasing build time for repo rakudo/rakudo while release managers are discussing the situation 13:54
rba AlexDaniel`, tbrowder: Not sure if I can help with the discussion about increasing build time. 13:55
tbrowder ok, 13:56
i obviously don't understand the mechanics of the build when we do a commit but at least we maybe can see an increase in allowable time. maybe one of the folks intimately involved in tooling can find a way to add roast testing in the .travis.yml file 13:59
i just tried to search #perl6-dev and couldn't. are the old irc logs avail somewhere? 14:08
moritz tbrowder: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_logs/perl6-dev 14:17
tbrowder moritz: thanks! 14:19
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tbrowder from the search in irc #perl i remember tony-o is the expert who could help with adding roast. he showed me a .travis.yml setup for greatly speeding up testing modules. i'll bet he can build a setup using roast master for testing a PR or commit to rakudo master. 14:30
.ask tony-o is it possible to add the roast master branch to the build testing for a rakudo PR? 14:32
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to tony-o
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tbrowder hm, looking at the .travis.yml in rakudo/rakudo now: i'll experiment with a PR for it to add roast and add tony-o's linux image 14:56
i see i'm confusing thngs as usual, just need to add roast as the final testing step 15:28
El_Che If help is needed feel free to ping me. Got to know travis pretty well for the rakudo-pkg usecase. Now looking how we can test on mac and windows as well. 15:37
The only thing that will piss people off when using travis are the flappers
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tbrowder well, couldn't we somehow bypass known flappers in roast with a suitable flag? but i haven't noticed any roast flappers in my local spectesting. 18:36
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