28 Mar 2023
lizmat the commit message isn't really helpful., and that change goes against what S26 has speculated about 10:33
but spectests have enshrined that behaviour :-( 10:34
it feels wrong to me, as you use formatting information that way?
although I think there's one reason I can think of: after that change, a newline would indicate the boundary between leading and trailing pod 10:35
when calling .content
OTOH, you wouldn't be able to see difference between leading and trailing if there was only leading or trailing pod 10:36
Geth rakudo/main: ef05ef1e2b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/Pod.pm6
Introduce Pod::Declarator class

This is basically the Pod::Block::Declarator class, but no longer a subclass of Pod::Block, as Pod declarators are not Pod::Blocks as per S26. This loses two unused attributes per pod declarator.
Created a Pod::Block::Declarator class as a subclass of Pod::Declarator to remain source compatible.
Xliff limat: Actually... 20% worse. 12:10
Regular timings were down. 12:11
I'm going to have to build a dedicated timing machine at some point, so I don't have system level tasks colliding with it. I'm running this with all cores, so I'm starting to wonder if that's just too much load on the system and its shaking out as chaotic lockling times. 12:12
A dedicated single-user system would answer that question.
[Coke] m: (8737.780).polymod(60, 60, 24).reverse.say 13:20
camelia (0 2 25 37.78)
tonyo [Coke]++ i'm desperate for a tool like that that just works..one of the only things i miss in go is godoc 15:21
[Coke] I think the current user experience is not great: you have to clone the docs, index them with a separate command, and then you can use the installed command line tool. Should be a one stop install with the indexing done and build time. 15:27
lizmat Xliff: re timings, I wonder if the parallel timing could benefit from using 1 CPU less than that you actually have 17:27
Geth rakudo/main: 9cc7cfe08b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | t/12-rakuast/sub.rakutest
RakuAST: add a bare sub, just to be sure
tonyo just uploaded fez v45, now has a bunch of dist management functions 19:03
better usage (and command guessing)
Xliff lizmat: That is a thought. 19:06
I might want to drop down to physical cores. 19:07
tonyo .tellable fez v45, full dist management 19:12
hmm, can never remember the right one
.weekly fez v45, full dist management
is there an easy way to view the rendered rakudo docs locally before i submit a PR? 19:26
lucs tonyo: Do you mean rendered from for example a generated README.md? 20:54
tonyo i can't get the docs-website to render twice. i'm trying to add some info to the docs.raku.org about dist management 20:55
lucs Maybe the raku-doc channel people can help. 20:57
Nemokosch what does "render twice" mean? 21:15
tonyo renders the first time (when it does the initial clone) but upon rerunning, it produces the error in the pastebin 21:17
Nemokosch sounds new but I haven't built in a while 21:21
hm, it did work for me but anyway, let's try the "second render" 22:03
hm, seems to work 22:10
only now I realize that it could easily be an upgrade of a dependent module or something, that I already have
lol, Doc::TypeGraph:ver<> doesn't even install without test failures 22:35
okay, so here it goes, with up-to-date dependencies... 22:42
anyway... it still works 23:11
29 Mar 2023
[Coke] tonyo: most folks adding content just add the text, you don't have to worry about building and running the site. 00:27
tonyo i'll try that 00:32
i'm adding a big section and am not very goodat pod