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[Tux] Rakudo version 2019.07.1-468-g0b8ede6c4 - MoarVM version 2019.07.1-315-gf10a31b43
csv-ip5xs0.804 - 0.817
csv-ip5xs-206.623 - 6.681
csv-parser22.798 - 23.665
csv-test-xs-200.431 - 0.454
test7.400 - 7.619
test-t1.753 - 1.799
test-t --race0.825 - 0.922
test-t-2030.301 - 32.850
test-t-20 --race9.614 - 10.037
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tbrowder has there been a moarvm release yet? 11:25
11:40 chloekek joined
chloekek I'm experiencing weird behavior from install-dist.p6. When I look at the source code of Rakudo I see this $perl_wrapper: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/40b1...m6#L53-L56 11:42
But when I run install-dist.p6 to install a distribution (both install-dist.p6 and Rakudo are version 2019.07.1), I get a wrapper that looks like this: gist.github.com/chloekek/710fcb48a...122b251e67 11:43
This looks similar to the source code of the CompUnit::RepositoryRegistry.run-script method, but it's not entirely the same (uses exit run instead of require). Yet I can't find "exit run" mentioned anywhere in the source code of Rakudo 2019.07.1. 11:44
Where does the wrapper template come from and why is it not the same as $perl_wrapper? 11:45
Altai-man_ tbrowder, nope, the latest is 07 12:15
*07.1 to be precise
tbrowder thnx 12:48
and we're waiting for a new moarvm release to release rakudo, correct? 12:50
Altai-man_ yes 12:51
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lizmat tyil: looks like new CPAN uploads are now reported on twitter.com/raku_cpan_new 13:11
tyil lizmat: nice 13:41
I can make a service to scrape that :>
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lizmat tyil: I thought you already did ? 18:47
tyil lizmat: not for twitter 18:59
I have 2 other sources I'm scraping
lizmat ok
well... I have updated ~ 50 modules today sofar, and have not seen any mention of this on channel
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tyil hmm 19:21
let me hit it and see if it does anything with that
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lizmat hmmm... do we need capturing parens for a named capture or not? 22:50
m: "þor is mighty good" ~~ /is \s+ $<iswhat>=(\w+) \s+ good/; say $<iswhat>; say $0
camelia 「mighty」
lizmat m: "þor is mighty good" ~~ /is \s+ $<iswhat>=\w+ \s+ good/; say $<iswhat>; say $0
camelia 「mighty」
lizmat looks like it is not needed ? 22:51
I guess it does if you want to match across whitespace ?
m: "þor is mighty good" ~~ /is \s+ $<iswhat>=(\w+ \s+ good)/; say $<iswhat>; say $0
camelia 「mighty good」
22:52 tobs joined
jnthn Yes, but you could also use $<foo>=[...] 22:53
lizmat m: "þor is mighty good" ~~ /is \s+ $<iswhat>=[\w+ \s+ good]/; say $<iswhat>; say $0 22:57
camelia 「mighty good」
lizmat so why does the ( ) version not also populate $0 ? 22:58
feels a bit meh 22:59
jnthn 'cus capturiung the same thing under two names would probably be an accident most of the time, I guess
lizmat m: "þor is mighty good" ~~ /is \s+ $<iswhat>=(\w+) \s+ (good)/; say $<iswhat>; say $0 23:00
camelia 「mighty」
lizmat reading that regex, you might think that "good" would be stored in $1 23:01
anyways, it just caught my attention :-) 23:02
lizmat goes off to get some shuteye
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