nine AlexDaniel: I meant the trouble to keep the design docs separate from 00:01
Xliff_ \o nine 00:05
nine o/ 00:27
Xliff_ How goes the progress to Raku? 01:35
Also... what's the difference between self and SELF? 01:36
vrurg Xliff_: No difference, as far as I know. 01:46
It's just could be useful to have an alias in some cases. Especially if you create a custom method but need access to the self from closure. 01:47
Xliff_ Ah. "SELF" was referenced in a recent commit from lizmat as a replacement for "self" and was wondering if there was a significant diff... 02:30 <-- this one 02:31
vrurg Xliff_: It feels to me like remains of older times as if at some point self wasn't provided automatically in some cases. But it's better to ask lizmat and it's a question I always forget to ask. 03:19
Xliff_ vrurg: Fair enough. Thanks! 03:20
vrurg .ask jnthn I have removed the new batch call ops in and extended WALK functionality. Would be great if you review it so I could possibly finally merge it. 03:21
tellable6 vrurg, I'll pass your message to jnthn
vrurg Xliff_: I finally got time to look into 3075 again. Beats me, but I can't reproduce travis failures! 03:23
Xliff_ vrurg: Ah. That's OK. I know you'll get it/
vrurg Xliff_: I don't remember, when you tried merging R#3284, what went wrong with it? Did you get `make test` passing without errors? 03:24
Xliff_ vrurg: Yes. The problem was I kept getting unexplainable build errors. 03:25
vrurg Was it the same on JulyActionRefactor branch? 03:26
Xliff_ Yes.
vrurg Wow... For me the branch is compiling and useTestBug.pl6 is running. 03:28
Xliff_ Heh. I probably merged things wrong. 03:29
Either that or old .precomp files.
vrurg Could be the case too...
Xliff_ Well, I have work tomorrow. I will try again when I get home. Deal? 03:30
vrurg Best if you can check it out from my vrurg/rakudo repo and checkout rakudo_3075 branch from there.
Sure deal! :) 03:31
Xliff_ OK. Will talk to you tomorrow.
vrurg o/
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[Tux] Xliff, I didn't change a thing, but I suspect a slow sshfs connection 08:02
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lizmat vrurg Xliff "self" is always de-containerized 08:27
if you specify a parameter with a backslash, it is taken "as-is", and thus *not* decontainerized 08:28
calling it SELF is just an idiom, to indicate it is the invocant, possibly with its container
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|Tux| Hmm, a load of 221 is high. High enough to be very worrysome. 09:37
lizmat I have once seen a load of 2000+. It froze completely soon after that :-) Something about a parallelizing fork bomb :-) 09:42
|Tux| in this case a lost samba share. processes won't stop 09:53
which also explains the slowness yesterday, I guess
the samba-server had an upgrade and automatic reboot (Windows--) and all connections to it seem to hang 09:54
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vrurg lizmat: thanks! I guessed that it's about containerization, but didn't think it through all the way down. :) 14:06
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Guest85410 AlexDaniel: done :) 14:10
AlexDaniel Guest85410: nice! What about the nickname?
Guest85410 Is it bad, should I change to dogbert17 instead?
AlexDaniel that'd be more clear, yeah 14:11
Guest85410 Hmm, I need a password for that I think which means I'll have to fix it later
I was thinking about the release. What would you say if I offered to create a draft of the MoarVM changelog? 14:12
AlexDaniel YES! Please!
Guest85410 it would have to be reviewed ofc
AlexDaniel Reviewing is not a problem!
samcv: ↑ some help is on the way! 14:13
Guest85410 Do you have a clever 'git log' incantation that I should use?
AlexDaniel Guest85410: can you try this tool?
Guest85410 aha 14:14
AlexDaniel I also need to finish rakudo's changelog but that's not a problem, I just had a backlog of things I had to do and now I'm a bit free-er :)
Guest85410 Cool, I'm getting tired of the fact that we haven't released yet :) 14:15
AlexDaniel Guest85410: btw I think we will only be including commits from this one and older 14:17
Guest85410: so skip the newest 5 commits for now
Guest85410 ok, now the tool is starting to ask questions 14:18
[9f679f32] {JIT} (Commit) Jit and add a template for smrt_intify | src/jit/core_templates.expr, src/jit/graph.c | Daniel Green
MODIFY (e)dit/(d)rop/(c)ategory/d(o)ne/(T)itlecase/[(m)erge into other commit]/[change (v)iew opts]; PRINT (b)ody/d(i)ff/num-(l)eft/(D)ump/(C)omplete/(U)uncomplete; GOTO (n)ext/(G)oto commit ID; (Q)uit and save or (s)ave:
will this tool create a text file or will it try to commit something? 14:19
AlexDaniel Guest85410: it should update 14:20
Guest85410: once you're done, you can PR it to moarvm 14:21
Guest85410 ok, i'll try it out for a bit 14:22
AlexDaniel TIL `git switch`
Guest85410: PR it against this branch: 14:23
Guest85410 will do 14:24
AlexDaniel oh, TIL `git restore`
finally they're fixing stuff :) 14:25
well, functionally it wasn't broken, but the user interface was meh
Guest85410 It generated a JSON file 14:31
AlexDaniel: what am I supposed to do with this JSON file, do you know? 14:36
AlexDaniel Guest85410: I'm not sure! :)
samcv Guest85410, oh yay. thanks
|Tux| All systems involved in the samba-share debacle now rebooted:
Rakudo version 2019.07.1-479-ged8f5141f - MoarVM version 2019.07.1-317-g1b2f72e5e
csv-ip5xs0.695 - 0.699
csv-ip5xs-206.563 - 6.668
csv-parser21.310 - 21.478
csv-test-xs-200.420 - 0.446
test6.017 - 6.388
test-t1.726 - 1.781
test-t --race0.785 - 0.895
test-t-2029.140 - 29.543
test-t-20 --race8.970 - 9.041
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Guest85410 AlexDaniel, samcv: is something like this what we want? 15:08
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samcv Guest85410, yeah 15:27
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lucasb m: say class { my $.bar = 42 }.bar # I expect an error here 16:47
camelia 42
lucasb m: my $!foo 16:48
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Cannot use ! twigil on 'my' variable
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my $!foo7⏏5<EOL>
expecting any of:
AlexDaniel lucasb: no error is correct
it's a class variable or whatever the right name is
like static field in java?
lucasb does Raku even has that? :) I didn't know 16:49
jnthn Well, more like a private static field + an accessor method.
AlexDaniel yeah
jnthn The body of a class is just a normal block, so we can just use lexical variables for "static" things. 16:50
AlexDaniel m: class Foo { my $.bar }; my $a =; my $b =; $ = 45; say $
camelia 45
AlexDaniel maybe a bit unexpected that you can write into it like that 16:51
jnthn Yeah, it'd be better if one had to `is rw` for that. 16:52
AlexDaniel I don't think that works now
m: class Foo { my $.bar is rw }; my $a =; my $b =; $ = 45; say $
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Can't use unknown trait 'is' -> 'rw' in a variable declaration.
at <tmp>:1
------> 3class Foo { my $.bar is rw 7⏏5}; my $a =; my $b =; $a.
expecting any of:
AlexDaniel well, ok, actually, I'm not sure 16:54
lucasb: you're probably right that people may use `my` by accident
I've done that in the past
lucasb: can you try grepping all-modules for that problem? 16:55
it's a bit outdated but still good enough
if you manage to find modules where people used `my` instead of `has` by accident then we may actually have a language trap… 16:56
you'd never notice if you only have one instance
grepping across multiple lines is a pain :( 16:59
lucasb 17:00
AlexDaniel ah, it's simpler because we can look at the dot, right
what is this? 17:02
feels like they didn't want to use `my`
otherwise seems like I'm the only idiot who did that mistake
lucasb I just wanted to point this detail. It feels strange to me, not the lexical static class variable, but the fact that it's possible to create an accessor for that using the dot twigil. It feels even stranger that inside a method, 'my $.foo' is *not* constrained within its scope. 17:06
AlexDaniel, jnthn: thanks for clarifications 17:07
jnthn It's just that methods attach to the nearest surrounding package, so a `my $.foo` inside of a method will be installing the accessor just as if you'd written a method inside of a method 17:08
AlexDaniel m: class Foo { method hmm { my $.bar = 42 }; }; my $a =; my $b =; $ = 45; say $
camelia 45
AlexDaniel m: class Foo { method hmm { my $.bar = 42 }; }; my $a =; my $b =; $ = 45; $a.hmm; say $
camelia 42
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AlexDaniel m: class Foo { method hmm { has $.bar = 42 }; }; my $a =; $ = 45; $a.hmm; say $ 17:08
camelia Cannot modify an immutable Int (42)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
AlexDaniel m: class Foo { method hmm { has $.bar is rw = 42 }; }; my $a =; $ = 45; $a.hmm; say $ 17:09
camelia 45
AlexDaniel ok I didn't know you could do that :D
m: class Foo { method hmm { has $.bar is rw = 42 }; method aaAAA { has $.bar }; } 17:10
camelia ===SORRY!===
Package 'Foo' already has an attribute named '$!bar'
AlexDaniel goddamn lack of the line number but otherwise it seems to be alright
lucasb #<-- all the 4 sigils :)
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AlexDaniel this one seems to be a mistake? 17:11
my $pages = Perl6::Maven::Collector.get_pages; 17:12
ok, not a mistake, seems like that's exactly what they meant
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Guest85410 AlexDaniel: can you take a quick look at 18:20
AlexDaniel samcv: ↑
jnthn: ↑ 18:21
Guest85410 As it is now the newest commits are at the bottom under each heading 18:23
also, you mentioned that I should skip five commit or something like that. From which commit should I skip?
AlexDaniel: ignore my last question 18:34
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Xliff lizmat: Ah! Thanks for the explanation 19:18
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lizmat And another Rakudo Weekly hits the Net: 19:44
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lizmat afk& 19:49
MasterDuke lizmat++ 20:01
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