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tbrowder hi, looking to add a festure req and see labels are getting out of hand 14:19
can they be locked so not easily changed? also nice to reduce them to smaller set and change the existing labels on issues accordingly 14:22
much duplication i see 14:23
jnthn Example of a duplicate? I just looked through them and while maybe there's the odd one I'd question, overall most of them look to have a use. 14:25
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tbrowder ok, i saw "doc needed" and "docs" and jumped the gun, sorry 16:23
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[Tux] Rakudo version 2019.07.1-479-ged8f5141f - MoarVM version 2019.07.1-317-g1b2f72e5e
csv-ip5xs0.735 - 0.822
csv-ip5xs-206.789 - 7.073
csv-parser21.282 - 22.444
csv-test-xs-200.417 - 0.421
test7.221 - 8.355
test-t1.798 - 1.810
test-t --race0.919 - 0.925
test-t-2029.578 - 32.310
test-t-20 --race9.360 - 9.679
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AlexDaniel ha! Some people have reverse engineered sony video cameras a little. For example, you can now pull some internal files from the camera. There's a file called Backup.bin which stores all your current camera settings and stuff. So I opened that file with GIMP and was greeted by this face: github.com/ma1co/OpenMemories-Twea...-555598735 17:47
moritz AlexDaniel: fun times to be alive :D 17:57
AlexDaniel it's a 80x80 grayscale image which is pretty much useless in camera terms, so I'm sure it's not used for anything real. 17:59
someone just decided to put that in
it's like if one day you opened stage0 in gimp and saw jnthn's face :D 18:05
lucasb github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Labels 18:28
^^ I created, to help us discuss and organize things better 18:29
but those labels "grow organically", you know 18:30
AlexDaniel lucasb: I understand the cuteness of short labels but at some point “wtf does this mean” labels were given proper names 18:35
so let's not go back
lucasb AlexDaniel: you mean the "single word names"? Maybe I should reword that. I'm *not* in favor of new cute and inventive names :) 18:40
AlexDaniel lucasb: yeah, but I'd much rather prefer multiple words than a single word that is unclear
lucasb agreed 18:41
AlexDaniel actually, I take it back, it could be something non-easter-eggy. Maybe Sony's software decided to somehow engrave previous owner's avatar into the internal backup file. 18:43
factory reset doesn't wipe it, so it's funny either way, but I was unable to find a face on another identical camera 18:44
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tbrowder lucasb++: hooray! 19:40
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