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patrickb vrurg: Can you - at your convenience - have a look at github.com/perl6/nqp-configure/pull/15 ? - That's the nqp-configure corresponding part of the git-reference PRs. 10:12
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lizmat Files=1301, Tests=109809, 212 wallclock secs (27.95 usr 8.21 sys + 2939.19 cusr 268.07 csys = 3243.42 CPU) 11:24
sena_kun lizmat: are you running spectest? 11:27
lizmat that one was from about 6am in the morning, when my notebook was cold
why ?
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patrickb .tell rba Can we get github.com/Raku/rakubrew.org set up on the raku infrastructure? I do have the rakubrew.org domain registered. 13:32
tellable6 patrickb, I'll pass your message to rba
patrickb boots into windows 13:33
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rba patrickb: I've added rakubrew.org to DNS (Cloudlflare). May you please change the nameservers to: clint.ns.cloudflare.com and val.ns.cloudflare.com ? 14:18
tellable6 2020-01-24T13:32:42Z #raku-dev <patrickb> rba Can we get github.com/Raku/rakubrew.org set up on the raku infrastructure? I do have the rakubrew.org domain registered.
rba patrickb: May you give me a quick intro about rakubrew.org? 14:23
patrickb rba: Give me a second, I'll reboot to linux where I have access to stuff... 14:24
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patrickb rba: I have a testing installation running here: rooster.uber.space 14:28
It reads release files from a folder. That folder defaults to 'releases' in the projects directory. One can pass in a different folder via the RAKUBREW_ORG_RELEASES_DIR env var 14:30
The thing can be run in a podman/docker container. It's necessary to mount in the folder with the release files in them for it to have much use 14:31
podman run --rm -p 10000:10000 --volume=[/releases/folder/on/host]:/releases:ro rakubrew.org
the README.md has the full instructions of how to start it in a container
rypervenche Oh, I thought rakubrew was only for Mac (thinking homebrew). This is nice. Good for testing things against different rakudo versions. :) 14:35
patrickb rba: I think I successfully changed the nameservers. 14:37
rba: I also have rakudobrew.org lying around. We could just as well make that a redirect to rakubrew.org. What do you think? 14:38
rba patrickb: Yes, make it a redirect. 14:40
I haven't started with installing docker/podman on the host we run our website currently.
patrickb rba: It works just as well without a container, so no need to actually use it in a container...
rba It's still old school there with one nginx, just added differnt users for diffent websites. 14:41
patrickb: Yet, very cool that's also prepard for docker already. We like to do this for all websites.
patrickb I'll change the nameservers for rakudobrew.org as well. 14:42
rba Ok. I will add rakudobrew.org as well.
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Geth nqp-configure: bd38126282 | (Patrick Böker)++ | lib/NQP/Config.pm
Implement `--git-reference`, remove `--reference`

The `--reference` option is undocumented. I suspect it was accidentally renamed during the big configure refactor. This commit brings it back with its original name, but changes behaviour a bit. Now the reference repository is not only used, but also cloned and fetched. As a result the user of this option does not need to know how the reference repositories have to be named or what their URLs are.
nqp-configure: f5aec4e8e9 | (Patrick Böker)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | lib/NQP/Config.pm
Merge pull request #15 from patrickbkr/git-reference-option

Implement `--git-reference`, remove `--reference`
rba patrickb: What's to content of the releases directory? 15:00
patrickb folders with numbers "1", "2", ... 15:02
rba patrickb: And where are this folders come from? 15:03
patrickb When one (me) does a new release, I'll create one such new folder
Then I'll somehow have to get that folder on the server 15:04
rba patrickb: send me your prefred username and ssh publickey via pm. Will add you a user. 15:05
patrickb rba: Did the key arrive? My IRC foo is rather low... 15:08
rba patrickb: Yes. 15:09
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rba patrickb: I have some other thing I need to take care of now. I will try to find out if we use the docker way or if I install it on the webhost. I will let come back to you soon... 15:26
patrickb rba: OK. Thanks for your time! 15:30
rba: patszim.volans.uberspace.de/patclo...5yoxmEeSC4 <- that's a version 0 rakubrew folder that can be placed into the releases folder of the website. This is only a testing release, but should suffice to get the website working. 15:33
patrickb is away for a while too now
Kaiepi i figured out my use of &now to generate timestamps is one of the main bottlenecks when generating traces with Trait::Traced. will nqp::p6box_n(nqp::time_n()) generate accurate timestamps on its own, or do i need to use Rakudo::Internals.tai-from-posix on top of that? 15:48
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[Coke] win 3 16:23
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japhb Kaiepi: What do you mean by "accurate" in this context? 17:30
m: use nqp; say now - nqp::time_n();
camelia Instant:36.9980739
japhb So yeah, "now" has been leap-second corrected. 17:31
Kaiepi m: use nqp; say now - Rakudo::Internals.tai-from-posix: nqp::time_n(), 0
camelia Instant:-0.002102779
Kaiepi looks like i need Rakudo::Internals.tai-from-posix then
japhb It's annoying how slow it is to grab a timestamp. :-( 17:32
Kaiepi doing it this way removes up to 60ms of overhead from tracing routine calls
where i need to shave off as much time as possible, otherwise threaded code won't get traced accurately 17:34
japhb Yeah, I pretty much use nqp::time_n anytime I need to get timestamps often (several per second or more)
Geth roast: d03ba4190e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 14 files
Batch #23 of roast RT -> GH ticket migration
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TreyHarris It seems to me like a number of questions recently on Raku/doc and on p6-u are due to (or at least, exacerbated by) newbies seeing routine/ autogenerated pages as a good place to get the "gestalt" of a routine, and it really isn't. But there's no other good place, à la perlfunc, either 18:42
I'm wondering if adding to the autogeneration a dedicated pod that would be included in routine/ autogeneration prior to any snippets pulled from class documentation, and could discuss the overall purpose of the routine, would be sufficient. I think it would definitely be helpful 18:44
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TreyHarris I'll put something into problem-solving about it 18:46
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Geth rakudo: 56d2b23d3c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/Match.pm6
Make Match.raku a bit more readable

As in, making sure the attributes are always in the same order, and attributes are only shown if they actually add information.
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Geth nqp: 41e9bd5031 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 5 files
Change references of HLL language to 'Raku'

I'm not sure why there are *any* references to any implementation of a HLL languages in NQP. But it appears there are. Change them from 'perl6' to 'Raku', in preparation for a similar renaming action for Rakudo.
rakudo: 0d81a86759 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/Match.pm6
Make Match.raku a little more quieter
rakudo: b787095358 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 62 files
Change the internal HLL language to "Raku"

Rakudo is implemented as a HLL on top of NQP, because NQP is intended to be a compiler building toolkit. Historically the name "perl6" was used. This commit changes *all* occurrences of the use of that name to "Raku" and it also contains an NQP bump, because somehow some references to "perl6" somehow sneaked into there.
This is a single massive commit, because that was the only way to do it.
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