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AlexDaniel jnthn++ # thank you! 06:10
(problem-solving tickets)
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: JJ assigned to jnthn Issue Should Rakudo fail at compile time if it's possible? github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/191 06:30
rakudo: 4a3f29db11 | (JJ Merelo)++ | .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md
Adds raku besides perl6, closes #3672
linkable6 RAKUDO#3672 [closed]: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3672 Issue template still refer to perl6 and not raku
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lizmat Files=1305, Tests=111245, 212 wallclock secs (28.98 usr 8.41 sys + 2995.34 cusr 274.97 csys = 3307.70 CPU) 09:12
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[Tux] Rakudo version 2020.05-46-g4a3f29db1 - MoarVM version 2020.05-4-gc4917b192
csv-ip5xs0.823 - 0.854
csv-ip5xs-208.023 - 8.383
csv-parser24.162 - 25.688
csv-test-xs-200.384 - 0.390
test7.334 - 7.643
test-t1.904 - 1.906
test-t --race0.982 - 1.038
test-t-2031.965 - 32.348
test-t-20 --race9.685 - 9.893
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nine Regarding problem-solving 191, isn't the obvious answer a simple "yes"? When would we ever not want to detect an issue as early as possible? Surely this isn't a question of "what do we want?", i.e. problem-solving material but "how can we get it?", i.e. a plain rakudo issue. 10:56
AlexDaniel PS#191 11:07
linkable6 PS#191 [open]: github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/191 [rakudo] Should Rakudo fail at compile time if it's possible?
nine I just love the Open Build Service. Not only did it take just a couple of clicks to get testing on ARM and PPC, it's also quite trivial to do this locally: 11:41
nine@sphinx:~/install/build/home:niner9:rakudo-git/perl6-Inline-Perl5> osc build --vm-type=qemu --no-verify openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC ppc64
This also means that I can debug the issue that those tests uncovered further and test fixes without having to upload somewhere
AlexDaniel niiice 11:42
nine Ah, C...where char is always signed, except for platforms where it isn't... 12:15
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nine OMG this is even better! So the build in your local VM on a different arch failed and you'd like to poke around a bit? -> osc shell 12:50
Geth rakudo: 4b501bd45f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 6 files
Make .rotate return a Seq, rather than a List, saves memory

  - Add R:It.ReifiedRotate to produce rotated values from a reified list
  - Adapt List/Shaped1Array.rotate to use new iterator
  - Add Array.rotate to use new iterator, making sure it uses right descriptor
  - Add R:It.RotateIterator to produce rotated values from an iterator
  - Add Seq.rotate to use this iterator
... (22 more lines)
roast: b6c1eeea56 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 4 files
Adaptations for change behaviour of .rotate

Since 4b501bd45f54f911837f70 it returns a Seq
MasterDuke lizmat: much change to that example using .rotate? 12:54
lizmat MasterDuke: ?
MasterDuke m: my @a = ^2_000; my @b; for ^1_000 { @b = @a.rotate(3); }; say @b.head
camelia 3
MasterDuke the one with the weird profile 12:55
lizmat ah, no
lemme doublecheck
actually, there *is* a big change 12:56
lizmat needs to rerun old profile to be sure 12:57
the old profile I ran with 1000 / 1000 12:58
MasterDuke looks like perl/raku didn't get accepted for GSoC, too bad 13:00
lizmat :-( 13:01
MasterDuke: the good news: old / new: 1649 / 1517 msecs, Array.push(line 31): 56.57% / 5.68% 13:04
But it's still red in the profile 13:05
MasterDuke ok. i'm still trying to figure out what's going on. no real success so far though
Geth ¦ nqp: patrickbkr self-assigned Relocatability seems to be broken on Windows github.com/Raku/nqp/issues/626 13:18
rakudo: de173a18cb | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/Shaped1Array.pm6
Simplify Shaped1Array.reverse

Using the R:It.ReifiedReverse iterator. Also make sure the correct descriptor is used to handle holes.
[Coke] I received a CLA from Claudio Ramirez - what's the github id? (also please include your github ID when submitting. :) 13:46
(I know the form doesn't ask for it.) 13:47
lizmat nxadm
also known as El_Che here 13:48
[Coke] spreadsheet updated. Danke. 13:49
vrurg Sometimes I miss a way to map github<->irc id. 13:56
[Coke] CREDITS? 14:04
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vrurg [Coke]: that simple... :D 14:23
lizmat mind you, some people still haven't added themselves to CREDITS, like Altai-man_ :-) 14:25
Altai-man_ lizmat, so which nickname from my 50 of them you want to have listed... :P 14:26
lizmat the most used ones in the context of Raku ? :-)
sena_kun also comes to mind
vrurg Altai-man_: put link to a gist with the full list into W: of CREDITS. :) 14:32
Altai-man_ :D
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Geth roast: 09fe0a76d7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S01-perl-5-integration/method.t
Untodo test if Inline::Perl5 is recent enough
roast: 439f93a38f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S01-perl-5-integration/method.t
Remove unneeded skip

At least, it seems to work now.
timotimo gist.github.com/timo/4ab10d462ae36...e139838db0 - random hyperop stuff (includes Zop, too) 15:12
Geth roast: 3d2f9c3a6f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S01-perl-5-integration/method.t
Some Perl 6 -> Raku renaming
rakudo/hyper_codegen: 1821321303 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/Perl6/Optimizer.nqp
put bitwise ops in
rakudo/hyper_codegen: 75afb8ad67 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/Perl6/Optimizer.nqp
improve debug output a tiny bit
timotimo what else do i put in, comment down below 15:21
AlexDaniel jnthn: ↑ please give commit bits to nxadm (El_Che) and JJ (jmerelo) 15:46
[Coke] AlexDaniel++ 15:47
jnthn++ el_che++ jmerelo++
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jnthn There's a CLA from jmerelo too, yes? 16:07
Both invited to rakudo team. 16:09
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AlexDaniel jnthn: yes colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...05-04#l275 16:15
jnthn: thank you
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jjmerelo Got the invite, thanks! 16:16
tellable6 2020-05-06T22:52:48Z #raku <tbrowder> jmerelo chk yr email when you get a chance
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patrickb rba, AlexDaniel: Has anyone already registered a Raku organization or similar with MS azure pipelines? 17:18
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patrickb It seems "Raku" is already registered. 17:19
I'd like to get part of the precomp builds running on azure. Can someone give me access to the org?
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AlexDaniel yeah I think rba should know 17:37
Geth ¦ problem-solving: JJ assigned to jnthn Issue Should raku --doc get a pager? github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/192 17:46
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lizmat was there a reason that docs.raku.org/language/pod#Placement_links does not redirect to docs.raku.org ? 18:41
docs.perl6.org/language/pod#Placement_links rather :-)
[Coke] JJ had some specific plans about the redirect, I think. I would love it if the redirect was transparent, set an http header or something, and we could use that to display a "please update your link" alert. 18:57
lizmat reason I'm asking: twitter.com/nichtich/status/1258400673772851200 18:59
rba patrickb: Yes I have. 19:28
patrickb: will check how to give you access. 19:29
patrickb rba: I'm very pleased with what I have read in the last two hours. Azure pipelines seem really flexible and not-get-in-your-way-ish. 19:31
rba patrickb: Took me a moment to login again. Do you have already a microsoft account, you like to use? If you like to use github, I think you will get a linke MS account... 19:55
patrickb I have created an account for [email@hidden.address] 19:56
Ouch. Now that adress is in a public IRC log. :-(
rba patrickb: Argh...
Sorry, should have asked you to send it pvt. 19:57
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MasterDuke you might be able to ask them to remove it from the log 19:57
patrickb MasterDuke: Who is them? 19:58
MasterDuke colabti
patrickb Wait a moment: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...05-07#l178
They have an email filter :-D
MasterDuke just saw that
rba Not bad. 19:59
patrickb: Did you get an invite message already?
patrickb: Like to make sure you get enough right, so you would be able to all...
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patrickb rba: Yes, received the invite. 20:00
rba: It seems tha org can't access the rakudo/rakudo repo 20:02
reason given: "The Azure Pipelines GitHub App is not installed to repository rakudo/rakudo." 20:03
[Coke] Probably need one of the admins to approve it
patrickb I just posted a request. The github.com/rakudo org admins should probably have received it 20:04
rba patrickb: I know. I played on github.com/rba/star see github.com/rba/star/blob/master/az...elines.yml
[Coke] patrickb++
rba patrickb: Keep in mind, that PR merges or commits trigger the appveyor, travis and additionally azure piplines... :-) 20:07
patrickb rba: I disabled triggers with trigger: - none 20:08
Geth roast: fa99dd67b2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 6 files
Add tests for parameterizable QuantHashes

Allows github.com/Raku/old-issue-tracker/issues/6689 to be closed
nine patrickb: FWIW studies show that it makes 0 difference with regards to spam whether an email address is published on a website or not 20:10
timotimo oh dang
patrickb nine: Interesting! It seems counter intuitive considering classic grabbers. 20:12
lizmat even if your email address is not public 20:13
nine Why grab websites when you can just read people's address books?
lizmat I'm still getting spam on an email address I specified in 2000 for the ApacheCon, which was supposed to be for organizers only
on a daily basis
rba patrickb: About build automation. My aim was to have one pipeline to build the same way for win/mac/linux. 20:14
patrickb is receiving near to none spam messages. I can't guarantee that my hoster isn't doing any filtering transparently though.
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lizmat ah, the joys of running your own mail server :-) 20:17
rba lizmat: and the burden
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[Coke] regarding email obfuscation, I think this means that using foo at bar dot com in, say, the CLA hint, makes it less obscured, not more. 20:23
Geth rakudo: 197bba9815 | (Patrick Böker)++ | docs/module_management.md
Correct some typos in docs/module_management.md

Also do `%s/rakudobrew/rakubrew/g`.
rakudo: d7ce52bfcd | (Patrick Böker)++ | src/core.c/CompUnit/PrecompilationRepository.pm6
Make a JVM specific block only run on JVM

Instead of running on all non-moarvm backends.
nine It's kinda hilarious that people ever believed that spammers wouldn't be able to parse "foo at bar dot com" :)
lizmat otoh, in the early days, spammers were pretty stupid 20:31
but that's no longer the case :-(
timotimo stupid spammers make me mad. too stupid to actually send the millions of dollars to my bank account
i'm still waiting >:(
patrickb rba: The azure raku thing you created is a project, not an org. 20:36
Dunno who is squatting on the "Raku" org...
rba Azure did the naming and name it "infra0037". dev.azure.com/infra0037/ 20:37
patrickb rba: I think that's the name of your microsoft account. 20:38
rba raku is already taken.
patrickb I think it's similar to github. The top level names are shared between users and orgs. 20:39
lizmat rba: rakulang maybe ?
rakuorg ?
rba And rakudo is "reserved"
patrickb I'm now swatting on "rakudo". Invite sent to rba
rakulang conforms to what many other languages do 20:40
rba rakuorg was free an now reserved. 20:41
patrickb But I'd like to know who is currently responsible for the "raku" org. The website itself seems to give no hint who might be responsible. 20:42
lizmat is not
rba rakulang was free to and now reserved.
patrickb rba++
timotimo reserved by rba or by some domain parker? 20:43
rba I mean dev.azure.com/xxx, where xxx=rakulang and xxx=rakuorg, but NOT xxx=raku 20:44
timotimo: I have reserved some rakulang domains. This is a different story...
timotimo OK 20:45
raku.lan :D
patrickb rba: So you are now squatting on dev.azure.com/(rakulang|rakuorg) ? 20:47
rba you got invites for both. choose one. 20:48
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lizmat calls it a day 21:21
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AlexDaniel jjmerelo: and yes, please, let's redirect docs.perl6.org/ 21:38
tellable6 AlexDaniel, I'll pass your message to jjmerelo
AlexDaniel I don't know what the plan was but it's time to change it
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timotimo i've come here to post my gist and receive praise, and i'm all out of gists 22:31
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