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jjmerelo Hey 06:20
I'm trying to install a plugin in Comma that allows me to input unicode characters easily, don't know if that's achieved via plugin or not, actually 06:21
I seem to remember that was kinda easy, but in the current version, 2020.05, the marketplace is empty 06:22
[Tux] Rakudo version 2020.05.1-62-g2b38666f9 - MoarVM version 2020.05-10-g5fe4a8114
csv-ip5xs0.838 - 0.874
csv-ip5xs-208.168 - 8.317
csv-parser26.332 - 26.750
csv-test-xs-200.387 - 0.395
test7.412 - 7.548
test-t1.960 - 1.992
test-t --race0.940 - 0.977
test-t-2030.756 - 31.886
test-t-20 --race9.768 - 9.797
jjmerelo .seen vrurg 06:56
tellable6 jjmerelo, I saw vrurg 2020-05-10T01:57:51Z in #raku: <vrurg> thanks!
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lizmat Files=1306, Tests=111275, 214 wallclock secs (28.69 usr 8.38 sys + 3008.86 cusr 272.37 csys = 3318.30 CPU) 08:53
jjmerelo OK, asking again: an easy way to enter unicode characters in comma? Plugin or otherwise? 08:57
if it's plugin, I can't seem to be able to list available plugins in the marketplace in this new version 2020.05 08:58
sena_kun jjmerelo, no. :( 09:01
jjmerelo sena_kun but I seem to remember there was a plugin for that.
sena_kun only in this version the plugin marketplace is empty
sena_kun jjmerelo, well, there is a bug in 2020.05 at the very least. OTOH, you can download some plugin by hand and install it from the disk. 09:02
jjmerelo sena_kun OK, got unicode_browser, which is the one I remember to have used 09:06
Now I'll have to find out how to use it. It's kind of old, too 09:07
sena_kun it opens a panel in the left. It's not perfect, but it's serviceable. 09:17
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lizmat If I'm not mistaken, this line: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast....pm6#L1275 09:29
will run every time at startup
feels to me that that should be run at compile time
but doing so breaks the core module installation
jnthn nine any ideas as to why that should not be run at compile time? 09:30
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jjmerelo Quite a few days without questions in StackOveflow... 09:49
lizmat some questions on reddit, though :-) 09:52
hmmm... could it be that modules.raku.org is not getting updated? 09:54
modules.raku.org/dist/Cache::Async...n:ROBERTLE shows version 0.1.6 09:55
but there is a mention of a version 0.2 on Twitter: twitter.com/raku_cpan_new/status/1...9793006592
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Geth rakudo: 9a583dcbe9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
Move de-parentificiation of Mu to compile time

Not sure why this was needed to be run at runtime. Now it runs at the very end of settings compilation, which appears to not cause any problems.
jnthn lizmat: It probably should be at compile time, though I wonder if it helped avoid a bootstrapping issue... 10:08
jjmerelo lizmat no idea, really. Shouldn't that part be updated automatically?
lizmat jnthn: well, just adding a BEGIN did not work, moving it to core_epilogue did 10:09
so I guess it was a bootstrap issues originally
jnthn lizmat: Ah, BEGIN in core_epilogue, I assume?
lizmat yes
tyil: like the concept of "rakoons" :-) 10:11
tyil :D 10:12
not sure if there's an "official" way to refer to raku users yet
lizmat reddit uses Rakuers, but I don't particularly like that
tyil I've seen that as well, it doesn't roll off the tongue as easily as rakoons does for me 10:13
and ease of pronunciation is useful when talking
lizmat jnthn ^^ :-) 10:14
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lizmat there appears to be a band called "Rakoon" 10:18
jjmerelo Of course
With umlauts liberally put over letters, I assume.
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jjmerelo Rakuifers? 10:19
lizmat rakuists feels elitist to me
jnthn Raccoons are kinda cute :)
jjmerelo Rakulottes?
lizmat right, and smart: "sly coon"
jjmerelo Rakutes? 10:20
tyil Raketjes, pronounced the dutch way, like the ice cream? :>
jjmerelo Racuckoos? 10:21
lizmat the more I think about it, I like Rakoon, for its similarity to raccoons
especially if you'd compare it to say, velociraptors
jjmerelo (y) 10:22
lizmat and of course, there's en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocket_Raccoon 10:25
Altai-man_ finds Raccoon City to be more widely known 10:26
timotimo uh oh :) :) 10:57
Altai-man_ Absolutely not in a bad way. :] 11:20
jjmerelo Flunked again Season of Docs 12:12
We need to keep trying, I guess... 12:13
Maybe third's the charm...
They only accept 50 applications, so it's highly competitive...
Maybe we should have put a little bit of more effort with the project. 12:14
You always learn.
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[Coke] the S.T.A.R.S of Rakuun City. 12:36
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rypervenche I like Rakuuns, or some other spelling of it. 13:02
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lizmat notable6: weekly 14:02
notable6 lizmat, 9 notes: gist.github.com/c99a37e1e50dfd9e3c...cc0eaf2cdd
lizmat notable6: weekly reset
notable6 lizmat, Moved existing notes to “weekly_2020-05-11T14:02:57Z”
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tobs is a raku-doer 14:16
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lizmat yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2020/05/11/2020-...e-release/ 15:36
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sjn lizmat++ # for doing rakudo weekly 15:57
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Geth rakudo: 4297cb051d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
Prevent $*OUT lookup for each eigenstate with put / print

Although one probably shouldn't print or put a Junction, having a dynamic variable lookup for each eigenstate can be pretty expensive. Also, convert to calling .print immediately, for better interface with custom classes acting like $*OUT.
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Geth rakudo: e71d3cb076 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
Move &printf to io_operators

Not sure why it was living in Cool. No functional change here.
jjmerelo lizmat at some point in time, there was a multi sub printf(Cool:D $format, *@args) 16:42
lizmat that's the one I moved
jjmerelo How independent routines end up in a particular file (and in a particular documentation page) is a mystery. 16:43
But heuristically, it's very likely that routines that have as a first argument the class the file is devoted to end up there.
lizmat ah, that way... but io_operators is about subs that output, and printf is one of them 16:44
and needs similar logic to print / put / say / note
jjmerelo right, it makes all the sense in the world...
lizmat so the Coolness of the format, is really just an extra "attribute" if you will 16:45
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Geth rakudo: e46d459021 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/io_operators.pm6
Make printf up to 5% faster

  - make printf an only sub
  - directly call $*OUT.print
  - unfortunately, could not go to | for signature, as some tests depend
   on the $, | signature.
This efficiency improvement is almost completely drowned out by the fact that the major part of doing a printf is still parsing the format string over and over again.
lizmat m: "%d\n".printf: 42 # TIL 17:32
camelia 42
lizmat I find this weird
sorta expected that: 17:33
m: 42.printf("%d")
camelia Your printf-style directives specify 0 arguments, but 1 argument was supplied
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
lizmat would work
nine Well the format string is the odd man out in the argument list
lizmat as that would be consistent with: 17:34
m: 42.print
camelia 42
lizmat m: $*OUT.printf("%d",42)
camelia 42
nine 42.print reads "print that 42", "%d\n".printf: 42 reads "print this string and fill in some placeholders with the provided values"
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lizmat bisectable6: old=2020.05 dd sprintf "%d\n", 1 | 2 | 3 17:56
bisectable6 lizmat, On both starting points (old=2020.05 new=e46d459) the exit code is 1 and the output is identical as well
lizmat, Output on both points: «Directive d not applicable for value of type Junction (any(1, 2, 3))␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/wCV5cjpSfT line 1␤␤»
timotimo m: say 42.fmt("%d") 18:05
camelia 42
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Geth rakudo: 110324d36e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/io_operators.pm6
Add support for printf($format, Junction)
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Geth roast: 8b060617e6 | (Vadim Belman)++ | S26-documentation/block-leading-user-format.t
Make the test use is_run from roast Test::Util

We better don't create extra copies of existing routines.
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nine Why didn't I realize that I would be doing BEGIN time EVAL all over again, just much harder, because it's in a NativeCall callback, thus in a nested runloop? 19:23
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lizmat sourceable6: my %h is SetHash 22:05
sourceable6 lizmat, No idea, boss. Can you give me a Code object?
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lizmat in NQP: $type.HOW.parameterize($type,@params); 22:18
how can I flatten the @params array into separate parameters to parameterize ?
timotimo don't we support | in nqp?
perhaps need to call .FLATTENABLE_MUMBLEE on it
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lizmat tries 22:19
indeed... but I first have to de-HLLize an Array into its reified 22:32
I guess nqp::getattr is the only way, right timotimo 22:33
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