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nine Trying to get more info, I've put another workaround in place and got a third failure. Again a VMNull resulting from a getlex of a block's argument in a nested scope run at BEGIN time. $v in github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast...le.pm6#L56 08:01
Why would storing MAST::Frames in the outer compiler's @!frames result in such nested scopes getting no values for lexicals of the outer scope? 08:02
It feels like this description should be enough of a hint already :/ 08:03
Geth rakudo: patrickbkr++ created pull request #3731:
Refactor AzureCI configuration for more targeted testing
rakudo: 5587574e2c | (Patrick Böker)++ | 2 files
Refactor AzureCI configuration for more targeted testing

The plan is to only use the latest head commits for downstream repos instead of upstream during testing and do that for MoarVM, NQP and Rakudo repos in the same manner. This should give more useful tests as an upstream project can make sure it doesn't break downstream. Downstream repos don't have a real interest in working on latest head of ... (11 more lines)
rakudo: 2bcccfb613 | (Patrick Böker)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #3731 from patrickbkr/more-targeted-azureci

Refactor AzureCI configuration for more targeted testing
nqp: patrickbkr++ created pull request #642:
Azure CI
nqp: e9ed60763b | (Patrick Böker)++ | 2 files
Add AzureCI setup

This is copied in it's entirety from rakudo. The only change are the four variables at the top of `azure-pipelines.yml`:
nqp: ce694df368 | (Patrick Böker)++ | azure-pipelines.yml
Disable testing NQP on JVM on Windows

This combination has a test failure and a bug that prevents tests from completing (t/nqp/019-file-ops.t) and seemingly wait forever
  (probably in t/nqp/111-spawnprocasync.t).
Until these problems are resolved testing in this combination is disabled.
nqp: b7709b7b80 | (Patrick Böker)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #642 from patrickbkr/azure-ci

Implement an AzureCI setup
The setup is identical to the one in Rakudo.
patrickb I have just requested to install the AzureCI hooks to Raku/nqp. I'd be grateful for someone with permissions to approve. This will allow me to enable AzureCI testing for NQP. 08:45
JJMerelo patrickb I've received the request, but once I authorize it in GitHub it redirects me to my own account in Microsoft online 09:19
patrickb I'm not sure that's exactly what you want.
patrickb I can imagine that's actually fine. 09:20
JJMerelo patrickb I guess that as long as it runs, it does not really matter whose account it is...
patrickb Can I invite you to the AzureCI orgs?
What's your email?
JJMerelo jjmerelo at outlook.es
patrickb maybe I need to set up some email notifications? 09:21
patrickb Invite sent
JJMerelo patrick accepted 09:26
patrick I should maybe add the pipeline ot that organization? 09:27
patrickb JJMerelo: Azure now tells me the Raku/nqp repo is part of a different organization (it doesn't tell me which). 09:28
The correct organization would be 'Raku'
JJMerelo It's the "jjmerelo" organization
I'm trying to figure out how to transfer it. Maybe there's some button to request a transfer? 09:29
patrickb A quick search didn't give any hints that that's possible. 09:32
JJMerelo Maybe you need to request authorization again, and I need to log in as part of the new organization? 09:33
patrickb One can actually have multiple Azure orgs associated with one github repo. So I suspect a transfer functionality is not availabe.
Also only the first azure org can interact with the repo much. So the other connected azure orgs should be removed.
JJMerelo So, removing it. 09:34
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patrickb the original request to authorize the Raku azure org is not there anymore? (It's still visible for me) 09:38
If it's not there anymore I can cancel the request.
JJMerelo I can still add it by hand, but the problem is that it does not allow me to select Raku as organization in Azure
patrickb maybe I don't have the privileges to do that in the Azure DevOps orga?
sena_kun >"Installed 23 minutes ago" so I'm late, I guess. 09:40
JJMerelo sena_kun um, not quite... We're still figuring out how to add it to the Raku organization.
patrickb Hm. Azure tells me it's still registered with another org.
It seems I can't request access again until that other connection is removed... 09:41
sena_kun I'm looking at `Raku` org settings and 1)Azure Pipelines (OAuth) in Third-party access is "Approved", and "Installed GitHub Apps" has "Azure Pipelines" as if that's enabled, I can "configure" it.
It has access to nqp repo.
So seems enabled to me for Raku org, no? 09:42
JJMerelo Access is OK, I guess, sena_kun It's not in the raku org, because it was initially assigned to me and my "org"
patrick I seem to have only "stakeholder" access to the Raku Azure DevOps org. Does that allow me to add new repos? 09:43
patrickb There is a 'Raku' org both in github and Azure.
JJMerelo patrickb because it does not look as if I can...
patrickb Dunno. I made the 'raku-infra' user the owner of that org
Maybe more people need the passwort to that account... 09:44
sena_kun patrickb++ # fixing the tests failing on new CI is very cool
JJMerelo patrickb this is what stakeholders in azure pipelines can do docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/dev...s#features 09:45
patrickb maybe you can bump up my access in the organization some?
patrickb Access levels are: "Basic", "Stakeholder" and "Visual Studio Subscriber" 09:48
You and I are both set to "Stakeholder"
JJMerelo patrickb but you can give access to individual items: docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/dev...ure-devops 09:49
patrickb OK, wait, I think I have added it now 09:50
patrickb can you please check? 09:51
patrickb or maybe not. The organization I get now is jjmerelo0004 instead of Raku 09:52
patrickb Still displays "The repository Raku/nqp is in use with the Azure Pipelines GitHub App in another Azure DevOps organization. Learn more"
Maybe it needs to be configured on the github side and not the azure side 09:53
JJMerelo patrickb Yep, I got that, but I was able to add it anyway. Can you walk me through how you get to that?
patrick I can't even figure out how to get to the organization account instead of my account... 09:54
patrickb Select azure Raku org. Pipelines -> Pipelines -> Create Pipeline -> GitHub -> Search and Select 'Raku/nqp' repo -> A banner with that message will appear at the top
To select an org click on the "Azure DevOps" logo at the top left
Then the Orgs are listed on the left 09:55
I'm shown the orgs "Raku", "Rakudo", "patrickboeker", "MoarVM", and three more that are irrelevant
Clicking on one of those will show the contained projects in the center 09:56
To configure an organization, select it and then click on "Organization settings" in the bottom left. Not to be confused with "Project settings" which are shown in the bottom left once one has selected a project 09:57
JJMerelo I'm trying in every which way, but when I get to the "Setup your Azure pipelines project" I simply can't select the "Raku" organization, patrickb 09:58
I don't seem to have that kind of access in that orga. Maybe I need to be admin?
patrickb JJMerelo: I just made you the owner of the Raku org 09:59
JJMerelo patrickb that's the thing, if I click there that organization is not listed. Let me check again.
patrickb OK, we're getting somewhere now. I can see it now listed. 10:00
patrickb Fun thing: I can change the org owner even though I have little permissions myself :-P
JJMerelo patrickb founder's privilege 10:01
I'm running it now, check it out
I'm afraid all Raku repositories are now in the "nqp" project
I mean, whatever
We'll figure it out later.
patrickb thanks for this, I'm finding it very valuable as learning for the cloud computing class I teach at the university. I'd never used it before :-) 10:02
patrickb looking good!
JJMerelo 8) (y) <3 10:03
patrickb I find GitHub actions kinda simpler to use, anyway... 10:04
patrickb OK. Rakudo and NQP are done. Only MoarVM left to go. 10:07
JJMerelo: Should I keep you the org owner or should I switch back to raku-infra?
JJMerelo patrickb give it a try. Now Azure pipelines has access to all Raku repos. I don't think I need privileges any more. 10:08
patrickb Done. 10:09
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lizmat Files=1306, Tests=111376, 213 wallclock secs (28.97 usr 8.45 sys + 2996.12 cusr 276.20 csys = 3309.74 CPU) 10:46
Geth rakudo/master: 8 commits pushed by sumanstats++, (Suman Khanal)++, (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ 11:23
nqp/master: 5 commits pushed by sumanstats++, (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++
rakudo: 796f3d4cca | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/templates/NQP_REVISION
Bump NQP to get the latest goodies, also from MoarVM
rakudo/master: 6 commits pushed by Coke++, (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ 11:43
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[Tux] Rakudo version 2020.05.1-226-g62adc88c6 - MoarVM version 2020.05-20-gee8acf9c6
csv-ip5xs0.810 - 0.866
csv-ip5xs-207.938 - 8.330
csv-parser25.986 - 26.022
csv-test-xs-200.392 - 0.393
test7.447 - 7.909
test-t1.818 - 2.187
test-t --race0.818 - 0.898
test-t-2030.910 - 33.056
test-t-20 --race9.098 - 9.217
Geth nqp: 43202dd020 | (Patrick Böker)++ | README.pod
Add an AzureCI status badge to the readme
nqp: 0e96fb06fc | (Patrick Böker)++ | README.pod
Fix pod markdown in readme
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patrickb rba: I think rakubrew.org is hosted differently from the other websites. I think I can't do any version uploads with the ssh access I currently have. 15:14
I have created a new version of rakubrew (v10). Can you put it on rakubrew.org? The respective archive can be found at: rooster.uber.space/patcloud/index....EJLQDZcjbf 15:16
rba: Is there anything I can do to help with the rakubrew.org certificate problem?
(I won't have much time until middle of next week, but I'd be willing to help if it makes sense.) 15:17
.tell rba colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...05-31#l191 15:30
tellable6 patrickb, I'll pass your message to rba
patrickb I'm off for the day. o/
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