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[Tux] Rakudo version 2020.06-1-g34f985de9 - MoarVM version 2020.06-2-g7d5cc1f3a
csv-ip5xs0.808 - 0.832
csv-ip5xs-207.719 - 8.664
csv-parser26.195 - 26.712
csv-test-xs-200.395 - 0.417
test7.809 - 8.031
test-t1.909 - 1.953
test-t --race0.939 - 0.964
test-t-2031.907 - 33.067
test-t-20 --race9.681 - 9.940
nine So, turns out use lib breaks in-process precompilation due to begin_time_lexical_fixup of role bodies (CompUnit::Repoisitory in this case) 08:51
Somehow the !LEXICAL_FIXUP block leaks into the precompilation comp unit despite getting created before we even start precompiling 08:52
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lizmat Files=1306, Tests=111383, 243 wallclock secs (30.74 usr 9.12 sys + 3258.88 cusr 317.27 csys = 3616.01 CPU) 10:25
this feels like a fluke ^^ 10:26
sena_kun++ Altai-man++ # yet another Rakudo compiler release! 10:28
Altai-man_ lizmat++ for all the annoying fixes demanded and great efforts toward making rakudo better. :) 10:42
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nine OMG I got it! 14:33
It's not about roles... it's not about classes or subs either and not even about signatures.
It's the signature's $!count attribute that gets intiailized with an int....from MoarVM's int cache 14:34
So any integer constant from 0 to 15 used during compilation will be the same object across multiple compiler instances. And this leads to us adding a dependency on the outer compiler. 14:41
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timotimo lmao, oh no 15:11
that's hilarious
nine Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to disable the int cache 15:15
patrickb sena_kun: I'm currently working on doing the precomp build for 2020.06. 15:17
As feared github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/pull/1317 broke the build on CentOS 6. So I'll see how I can patch around that. I'll do some tests with different compile flags. Maybe I can find a way to enable c99 constructs. 15:19
timotimo nine: what do you think happens if we "scdisclaim" the int objects when we create the int cache?
sena_kun patrickb, but the PR isn't merged yet? You mean, its absence is wrong?
patrickb Yes. 15:20
I'll try to find a way with only touching compile flags.
I'm not actually sure how clean it is to touch the code when doing an official build.
sena_kun CentOS 6 is 2011, ouch. 15:21
patrickb sena_kun: Thanks for doing the release work by the way!
nine timotimo: AFAICT scdisclaim works on a whole SC, which could work for the outer most compiler, i.e. a script that's not precompiled, but probably not anymore when we do multiple precompilations in a process. 15:22
timotimo ah, dang
sena_kun patrickb, in the worst case, I don't think applying a patch for the binary one can hurt.
timotimo should we do something during the serialization phase? have a check based on whether a compilee has been entered? have a +1 / -1 thing that turns a global flag on or off when it's > 0 and prevents int cache lookups? 15:23
a command that just empties out the int cache?
patrickb sena_kun: I know. But it's by far the easiest way to create a build that will run on older glibc versions. CentOS is the sweet spot of new enough to work at least a bit and old enough to not leave widely used OS's unsupported.
*CentOS6 is the sweet spot 15:24
sena_kun Not judging anyone, just wondering.
timotimo i think i still have some debian sarge installer CDs somewhere
patrickb gist.github.com/wagenet/35adca1a03...6c40aa45b1 <- This gives a nice overview of the different distributions and their glibc versions. 15:28
nine On that list the only distro using an older glibc version than CentOS 7 is CentOS 6. But the list is also pretty short 15:30
patrickb CentOS 6 is EOL end of 2020.
But not supporting RHEL 7 will give lots of people pain. 15:31
nine People interested in that just need to find out the correct compiler options 15:33
With a disabled Int cache and nqp::scwbdisable/nqp::scwbenable around $registry.head.need($spec); in load_module, I'm now down to 4 files failing in make test 15:34
Apparently the nqp::scwbdisable goes a tiny bit too far 15:36
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nine Or maybe it isn't actually the nqp::scwbdisable. The symptom is an empty my @cpp-name-mangler = ...; in NativeCall.rakumod. 16:15
Indeed, must be something else 16:19
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lizmat nine: perhaps have each compunit have its own int cache ? 17:29
nine That....could be a decent workaround that doesn't require the program to know much about MoarVM's cache :) Would just cost as much as following a couple pointers: tc->cur_frame->body.sf->body.cu->body.int_cache 17:45
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Geth rakudo: 0144905fb0 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/Grammar.pm6
Give Grammar its own .new

One should only call .new on a grammar if it has attributes of its own that need initializing. This is now (also) performed by Match.new. But that is *also* used to create the cursor that will be used in matching.
By giving Grammar its own new, we're separating Grammar initialization from cursor initialization. Don't expect too much of a performance gain yet, but this will make refactoring Match a lot easier, and allow that refactor to be much more efficient.
patrickb sena_kun: Precomp builds are done and uploaded. 18:33
tellable6 patrickb, I'll pass your message to sena_kun
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timotimo we are failing to JIT compile the read methods on blobs because of endian objects 23:56
it is not understanding them to be constant 23:57