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timotimo so, rust has crates, ruby has gems, python has eggs and wheels, should we base the names of raku modules on the rakoon allegory? like, call them dumpsters, or trashcans, dustbins, something like that? 02:13
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moritz shells? 05:36
trashcans sounds so negative, dumpster is a brand name iirc
(shells isnot really a racoon metapher though) 05:37
burrows? 05:38
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lizmat Files=1308, Tests=113043, 217 wallclock secs (28.76 usr 8.81 sys + 3019.58 cusr 290.46 csys = 3347.61 CPU) 06:56
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gfldex raku: sub prefix:<pre>(List:D \l) is looser(&postcircumfix:<« »>) { say ‚pre‘, l }; 08:18
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Er…
gfldex, Full output: gist.github.com/0422cc6418fb6ef69b...d394aa0345
gfldex how do I refere to « » (list quote) in precedence? 08:19
lizmat m: dd (&postcircumfix:<« »>).^name 08:23
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared routine:
postcircumfix:<« »> used at line 1. Did you mean 'postcircumfix:<{ }>', 'postcircumfix:<[ ]>', 'postcircumfix:<[; ]>', 'postcircumfix:<{; }>'?
gfldex What I acutally want is to define my own quote construct. 08:26
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lizmat I'm afraid that « » appears to be a grammar construct, rather than an actual postcircumfix op 08:28
gfldex raku: sub prefix:<pre>(List:D \l) { say ‚pre‘, l }; pre<a b c>; 08:29
evalable6 pre(a b c)
gfldex i can cheat with a prefix for < > but not for « » 08:30
So it could be precedence.
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rypervenche timotimo: A baby raccoon is called a "kit". Or maybe something like "berries" as part of its diet. Trying to think of more.... "tanuki" is probably too out there... 12:51
[Coke] ラクーン 13:10
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nine As a user I've found those creative names utterly confusing. First had to find out what the hell a gem was when diagnosing a failure with some Ruby program. Then had to find out what a crate was when trying to play around with Firefox' new rendering engine. 17:23
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nine It's like a car manufacturer deciding to call tires "feathers" and you getting a "check feathers" message on your dashboard 17:25
timotimo damn, feathers 17:33
that's smooth as hell
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rypervenche nine: You've got a point there. 18:23
timotimo i mean, a leaf turns mario into the tanuki suit, so we could have leaves 18:24
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nine I was actually worried that feathers would sound too cool to not got with it :) 19:32
timotimo "use feathers"
small edit distance between feathers and features
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lizmat hmmm... are profiles borked? 20:40
$ raku --profile -e 'say "foo"' 20:41
Writing profiler output to profile-1595623269.3879838.html
Some exceptions were thrown in END blocks:
X::AdHoc: Cannot call method 'nqp-home' on a null object
in any <main> at /Users/liz/Github/rakudo.moar/install/share/perl6/runtime/perl6.moarvm line 1
and *no* profile written :-(
don't we have tests for that :-( 20:42
R#3824 20:45
linkable6 R#3824 [open]: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3824 Cannot profile code anymore
ugexe must be github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/e4...75e09e46ea 20:53
patrickb ^
lizmat so we have a borked release :-( 20:54
patrickb :-( 20:58
tellable6 2020-07-23T18:02:20Z #raku <tony-o_> patrickb ugexe just told me there's been some pining for it. currently working on it again.
patrickb will have a look
Geth ¦ rakudo: patrickbkr self-assigned Cannot profile code anymore github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3824 21:12
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patrickb Where in NQP would I put a function that needs to be accessible from both nqp and rakudo code? 21:29
Namely the `nqp-home()` method currently part of HLL::Compiler. That's a bad place, because depending on whether we run rakudo or nqp the compiler object is either called 'nqp' or 'Raku'. So it can't be acessed on NQP code uniformly. :-( 21:32
AlexDaniel` bisect: chdir ‘/tmp’; run <perl6 --profile -e>, 「say "foo"」 21:35
bisectable6 AlexDaniel`, Will bisect the whole range automagically because no endpoints were provided, hang tight
AlexDaniel`, More than 4 changes to bisect, please try a narrower range like old=2020.07 new=HEAD
AlexDaniel`, Output on all releases: gist.github.com/1e42c138b2878b1ccb...f4e9029cfc
AlexDaniel` bisect: chdir ‘/tmp’; exit 42 if run(:err, <perl6 --profile -e>, 「say "foo"」).err.slurp.contains: ‘null’ 21:37
bisectable6 AlexDaniel`, Will bisect the whole range automagically because no endpoints were provided, hang tight
AlexDaniel`, Output on all releases: gist.github.com/c5dfd01249d48d77b6...ddbf753bb1
AlexDaniel`, Bisecting by exit code (old=2020.06 new=2020.07). Old exit code: 0
AlexDaniel`, bisect log: gist.github.com/5c999770663e9ee057...ac871d4de7
AlexDaniel`, (2020-07-16) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/1b...9ca2f2f333
AlexDaniel`, Bisecting by exit code (old=2017.03 new=2017.04.3). Old exit code: 1 21:38
AlexDaniel`, bisect log: gist.github.com/310d90635457bd4c8b...69a4f7039c
AlexDaniel`, (2017-04-12) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/f1...d3da367351
AlexDaniel`, Bisecting by output (old=2016.09 new=2016.10) because on both starting points the exit code is 1
AlexDaniel`, bisect log: gist.github.com/c9c1d9d9c19a33f235...3f1ea2f8be
AlexDaniel`, (2016-09-27) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/22...0f14b9c05c
AlexDaniel` c: 1b3780f725^,1b3780f725 chdir ‘/tmp’; run <perl6 --profile -e>, 「say "foo"」
committable6 AlexDaniel`, gist.github.com/8927fa4727f568968d...e6625eeabb
bisectable6 AlexDaniel`, Output on all releases and bisected commits: gist.github.com/77d5cf69d8864d879d...6d21040666
AlexDaniel` ugexe: I'm a bit late to the party, but bisectable gave a different commit 21:42
sena_kun: anyway, it's just that there happened to be no test for it, I don't see a way for a release manager to notice this kind of breakage :( 21:43
sena_kun AlexDaniel`, yeah, I assume we have no such things for debug server as well (though it has tests as there are ecosystem modules used as clients). 21:44
No hardship or guilt trains here, it's weekend, I'll do a point.
s/quilt/guilt/ 21:45
AlexDaniel` I'm not sure about the debug server
for example, MoarVM::Remote is skipped by Blin
don't know about App::MoarVM::Debug 21:46
sena_kun One more reason to check, I guess.
Anyway, have to go afk. o/
AlexDaniel` nine: it's a common theme, everything needs a “cute” name for some reason. 21:59
btw has anybody seen this? github.com/github/markup/pull/1348
perhaps some 👍's can help
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