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Geth roast/roast_657: 12 commits pushed by (Vadim Belman)++
review: github.com/Raku/roast/compare/1d7d...c09e9e9c23
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[Tux] Rakudo version 2020.07-44-g51ea87a3e - MoarVM version 2020.07-8-g2a9f0f06f
csv-ip5xs0.850 - 0.862
csv-ip5xs-207.872 - 8.107
csv-parser24.833 - 26.190
csv-test-xs-200.385 - 0.394
test7.666 - 7.851
test-t1.905 - 1.907
test-t --race0.843 - 0.854
test-t-2032.250 - 32.409
test-t-20 --race8.890 - 9.670
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lizmat Files=1308, Tests=113043, 218 wallclock secs (29.56 usr 8.75 sys + 3043.03 cusr 295.83 csys = 3377.17 CPU) 08:56
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Kaiepi IO::Address::IPv4, IO::Address::IPv6, and IO::Address::UNIX need gist methods of some sort, but i'm not sure what they should be because of IO::Address::UNIX 09:53
nine Kaiepi: doesn't an IO::Address::UNIX have a path? 09:55
Kaiepi it can either be a path or a Blob[int8] that may not encode as a string, to allow abstract UNIX sockets to be used on Linux
timotimo so utf8-c8 then? 09:58
Kaiepi ohh right, that exists 10:00
IP addreses could just use their URI format, and UNIX socket addresses could just use their path string then
timotimo you can urlencode anything that doesn't map right to utf8 10:01
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Kaiepi thanks 10:30
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Geth rakudo: 7ad9014458 | Coke++ | CREDITS
minor CREDITS update
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lucasb is the release missing from github.com/rakudo/rakudo/releases ? 15:37
JJMerelo lucasb which one? 15:46
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Altai-man_ lucasb, no. 15:50
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JJMerelo So, may I interest anyone in writing a (short) article for the 20th aniversary of Raku github.com/Raku/advent/tree/master/20th? 16:01
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leont If I didn't already have a surplus of ongoing blogging efforts (but I promise some of them will be Raku) 16:12
JJMerelo leont that's a short article. And diving into old RFCs is a lot of fun 16:14
leont What is the deadline? 16:24
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JJMerelo leont the sooner, the better, but it must definitely be written before let's say Aug 7th 16:27
leont Currently half-way through the list. There's one that I feel I could write something interesting on. 16:30
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leont RFC22 almost has my name on it, primarily because there are very few people who actually understand smartmatch in both perl and raku 16:34
Also, rfc329 has nine written all over it
JJMerelo Please claim it. It's all yours. 16:35
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Geth rakudo: a3af5833d1 | (Ben Davies)++ | src/core.c/Cool.pm6
Remove an outdated workaround in src/core.c/Cool.pm6

With commit 7f2ae26cdfda0a598a7b3c9fa513000553490640, all routines should typecheck as Callable.
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Geth roast: tbrowder++ created pull request #659:
Improve tests by removing EVAL and refactoring
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tbrowder leont: i just replied to the getopt::long issue 18:43
[Coke] is t/spec/S17-procasync/kill.t a known failure on macos? 18:45
sena_kun [Coke], is it persistent or a flapper?
It is a known flapper. If it is persistent for you, then wow.
[Coke] It failed in 'make stresstest'. it failed again when I ran it with make. 18:46
let me run it a few times
passed 3/11 times 18:47
sena_kun That's pretty heavy for a flapper, but.
Not sure I can help more here. 18:48
[Coke] no worries, just didn't know if it was a new one.
haven't run even spectest in a while, just did a stresstest.
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[Coke] is there a todo to rename the .pm6 files in the rakudo repo to .rakumod? 21:44
lizmat I think there is, but please note that jnthn would like that to coincide with the merging of RakuAST 21:51
it should make life easier in the intermediate, if setting files could co-exist, I guess
[Coke] Just curious, did some updates to the raku-docs, and noted that we weren't eating our own dogfood yet. rename should be pretty easy, we can do it after jnthn's done with his work, np 21:56
lizmat I've done the modules in lib 21:57
because that was easy to do
also, renaming files now would basically invalidate all outstanding PR's :-( 21:58
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