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JJMerelo Did you know how fundamental is brace-matching in regexes, and where it was introduced? Clickbaiting tobs' RFC145 raku-advent.blog/2020/08/06/rfc-14...pressions/ 08:20
tellable6 2020-08-06T01:18:07Z #raku <guifa2> jmerelo I have the Superposition article posted. Scheduled it for the 8th, but feel free to change it to someone else, didn't see if anyone else was scheduled
JJMerelo .tell guifa2 OK, great, thanks. That date is probably OK, I'll check.
tellable6 JJMerelo, I'll pass your message to guifa
JJMerelo .tell p6steve tell me if you want to post it yourself at the blog or you want me to do it for you; at any case I would need to send you an invitation so that I can assign authorship. Please send me an email address you use in Wordpress via Telegram, GMail or here. I'm JJMerelo in every place. 08:35
tellable6 JJMerelo, I'll pass your message to p6steve
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[Tux] Rakudo version 2020.07-54-gd4bac47ff - MoarVM version 2020.07-12-g0a06f80c7
csv-ip5xs0.815 - 0.840
csv-ip5xs-208.268 - 8.705
csv-parser26.370 - 28.132
csv-test-xs-200.396 - 0.396
test7.317 - 7.995
test-t1.872 - 1.901
test-t --race0.827 - 0.830
test-t-2032.097 - 32.602
test-t-20 --race8.998 - 9.231
tbrowder .ask rba ref camelia and security and installing modules on demand, could it be done more securely server side by a cron job instead of relying on pushes from a bot? 09:57
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to rba
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[Coke] (advent) oh, Eric! I'll let him know his name came up. 12:52
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patrickb timotimo: Can you have a look at github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/3838...-461242182 and give your opinion? 17:02
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AlexDaniel Altai-man_: ping 21:25
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