codesections will do 00:00
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codesections timotimo: wait, how do I add a file to core.d? I thought I could follow the model of the existing files, which seemed to be just adding a couple of lines to the Makefile 00:33
but that didn't seem to do the trick. Do you happen to know what else I need to do?
timotimo i haven't tried it yet myself 00:40
codesections Hmm, ok I'll keep experimenting thanks 00:41
timotimo i would recommend looking at the git log for some of the files in that folder with the -u option to get the diffs 00:47
like git log -u -- src/core.d/one-of-the-files.rakumod
though the renaming of pm6 to rakumod could be trouble 00:48
codesections good idea, thanks
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Geth rakudo: codesections++ created pull request #3903:
Revise deprecation warnings to show only on v6.d
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Geth rakudo: usev6++ created pull request #3904:
Start to use nqp::execname on the JVM backend
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lizmat Files=1336, Tests=113586, 221 wallclock secs (29.67 usr 7.85 sys + 3121.60 cusr 270.75 csys = 3429.87 CPU) 10:34
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Geth rakudo/IO-Notification-Change-ValueObjAt: 17f352f510 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/IO/Notification.pm6
Make IO::Notification::Change a value type

Which should make it better to filter for it, e.g. with Supply.unique(expires => X).
rakudo: lizmat++ created pull request #3905:
Make IO::Notification::Change a value type
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MasterDuke i think we have a sort of Shlemiel the painter's algorithm situation going on with the whatever slice and reify-at-least 12:44
if i dd $!reified (using the char range example in this case) i get output like: (), (), ("a"), (), ("a"), ("a", "b"), (), ("a"), ("a", "b"), ("a", "b", "c"), (), ("a"), ("a", "b"), ("a", "b", "c"), ("a", "b", "c", "d") 12:48
i.e., it seems to keep recreating it one longer each time, instead of just appending to the existing 12:49
timotimo what on earth? :) :)
could you paste that including tracebacks at every output point? 12:50
MasterDuke add something like ``? 12:52
timotimo i think so. perhaps .full
MasterDuke hm. that causes a hang in stage optimize. but the original dd didn't cause any output there... 12:57
oh. do i need to move Backtrace.pm6 in core_sources? 12:58
nope. same thing 13:01
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MasterDuke what's another way to accomplish this? catch a die? 13:03
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timotimo oh! 13:50
of course 13:51
in order to print out a stack trace
guess what it has to do
iterate over the stack frames :)
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MasterDuke been distracted. any other way to do it? 14:08
timotimo hmm
put nqp::sin_n(0e0) and breakpoint in gdb
the MVM_dump_backtrace function doesn't do raku-level iteration
MasterDuke ugh, going to be so many... 14:09
timotimo how do you mean? 14:12
you know you can make gdb do it automatically, including resuming :)
call MVM_dump_backtrace(tc)
MasterDuke oh, right. forgot about that
timotimo i need it so often ... :D 14:13
MasterDuke huh. `b sin` doesn't break 14:14
timotimo yeah, you'll want to breakpoint that in interp.c 14:18
sin would also not have tc available
MasterDuke got a 3.5mb log file 14:23
33k lines
partial output
timotimo it'll probably be extremely duplicatious 14:24
MasterDuke some of the output 14:26
timotimo i kind of feel like just looking at the code near those lines should give us a good idea of what's going on 14:30
it does seem like what you said
like it's re-making the range into a list every time it grabs a new value
and it goes via AT-POS, maybe that's the wrong? 14:31
MasterDuke 14:32
looks like 4 reify-at-least for every AT-POS 14:34
timotimo aw dang, the tampermonkey script is still confused by the core.c lines and thinks they're moarvm code 14:42
MasterDuke easy to just hardcode them? 14:44
timotimo fixed it 14:46
just needed to allow for `.[a-zA-Z]`
and updated the gist with the script in it 14:48
MasterDuke is going to be distracted for a bit, currently have both the three-year-old and the two-month-old by myself
timotimo :)
i kind of hate that in order to see the function names at the end of the lines i have to horizontally scroll in the gist 14:49
MasterDuke hm, tampermonkey doesn't see any updates available
yeah, too bad that box isn't resizeable 14:50
timotimo - perhaps have to redownload this dunno 14:51
next step: allow the user to embed a little iframe with the source code in it 14:52
maybe easier to generate a vim quicklist so you can use your favourite editor to navigate these backtraces 14:54
MasterDuke updated, timotimo++
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Xliff . 18:16
nwc10 o/ 18:21
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Kaiepi blegh 19:04
nvm this is more a moarvm thing 19:05
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MasterDuke that reify-at-least code is old. most recent change is three years ago and the bulk of it is four years old 21:32
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