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Geth rakudo: vrurg++ created pull request #3914:
Raku 1285
rakudo/rakudo_1285: 14 commits pushed by (Vadim Belman)++
review: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/compare/d...212d355172
vrurg .tell Altai-man I have merged from my fork into rakudo_1285 branch for a Blin run. Hope this works. 00:31
tellable6 vrurg, I'll pass your message to Altai-man
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Geth rakudo/macos-install-notes: e88d54e811 | (Vadim Belman)++ | 2 files
Add CAVEATS.md file

Move all platform-specific notes into it.
rakudo: vrurg++ created pull request #3915:
Add CAVEATS.md file
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jmerelo Still running the Raku survey: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLS...Q/viewform 174 answers so far, is yours there? 07:47
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Geth nqp: e365f4e9cf | (Patrick Böker)++ | src/HLL/SysConfig.nqp
Move build logic to separate method so it can be called in subclasses

This is needed in Perl6::SysConfig.
nqp: 79c94bf524 | (Patrick Böker)++ | 2 files
Move setting HLL Symbol 'SysConfig' NQP::Compiler

So that it won't be set in Rakudo where HLL::Compiler is also used, but the HLL Symbol would be overwritten anyways.
nqp: b28db8914b | (Patrick Böker)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 3 files
Merge pull request #666 from patrickbkr/fix-static-rakudo-home

Move build logic to separate method so it can be called in subclasses
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Altai-man vrurg, gist.github.com/Altai-man/3d963cda...e48692516a <- blin. Note some modules are false positives that died due to e.g. segfaults, I did not filter them out, but some do seem valid to me. Have fun, thanks for your work. 12:29
tellable6 2020-09-15T00:31:05Z #raku-dev <vrurg> Altai-man I have merged from my fork into rakudo_1285 branch for a Blin run. Hope this works.
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Geth rakudo: 80aabbd9cb | (Patrick Böker)++ | tools/templates/NQP_REVISION
Bump NQP

This pulls in a change that allows the `HLL::SysConfig` construction to be called by subclasses. This is required for PR #3913.
rakudo: c33221decc | (Patrick Böker)++ | 4 files
Fix `--rakudo-home` Configure.pl parameter

  `Perl6::SysConfig` object construction was broken in so far as the
  %rakudo-build-config hash was initialized externally after object
construction and thus wasn't available in the `BUILD()` method itself but was used there. This is fixed by passing a pre-populated
  %rakudo-build-config hash to the Perl6::SysConfig constructor.
linkable6 RAKUDO#3913 [closed]: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/3913 [BLOCKER] Fix `--rakudo-home` Configure.pl parameter
rakudo: c69fd1737f | (Patrick Böker)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 5 files
Merge pull request #3913 from patrickbkr/fix-static-rakudo-home

Fix `--rakudo-home` Configure.pl parameter
vrurg Altai-man: thanks! Looks like I've got a task for today. :) 13:13
dogbert17 hmm, building suddenly breaks for me 13:37
Stage start : 0.000
Missing or wrong version of dependency 'gen/moar/stage2/NQPHLL.nqp' (from 'gen/moar/BOOTSTRAP/v6c.nqp')
at <unknown>:1 (/home/dogbert/repos/rakudo/install/share/perl6/lib/Perl6/BOOTSTRAP/v6c.moarvm:<dependencies+deserialize>)
Geth rakudo/rakuast: 6abcce228f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.e/Formatter.pm6
Make %f work

  - also fix handling of * in size and precision handling
  - add some more helper subs to make it DRYer
[Tux] Rakudo version 2020.08.2-68-gd87eaa7e1 - MoarVM version 2020.08-91-g590bac47e
csv-ip5xs0.950 - 1.020
csv-ip5xs-2010.008 - 10.063
csv-parser24.532 - 26.222
csv-test-xs-200.381 - 0.391
test7.536 - 7.666
test-t1.797 - 1.849
test-t --race0.863 - 0.923
test-t-2031.356 - 31.392
test-t-20 --race9.165 - 9.333
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Geth rakudo/macos-install-notes: 312b6586c6 | (Vadim Belman)++ | CAVEATS.md
Fix erratas

Thank @JJ!
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releasable6 Next release in ≈4 days and ≈3 hours. 2 blockers. Please log your changes in the ChangeLog: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/ChangeLog-Draft 15:00
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lizmat The following step can take a long time, please be patient. 15:15
Stage start : 0.000
Missing or wrong version of dependency 'gen/moar/stage2/NQPHLL.nqp' (from 'gen/moar/BOOTSTRAP/v6c.nqp')
breakage confirmed
hnmm... looks like we lost Geth ? 15:20
tyil ^^ 15:21
tyil let me nudge him
lizmat in any case: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/3916
"Build is broken on master" 15:22
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lizmat also 6abcce228f9ce40a20ae96b5fad786 15:22
hmmm... I though that would trigger a link ? 15:23
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Geth rakudo: f352b6d330 | (Patrick Böker)++ | 5 files
Revert "Merge pull request #3913 from patrickbkr/fix-static-rakudo-home"

This seems to have broken building for some reason. No idea what's wrong yet. So revert for now.
This reverts commit c69fd1737fc9dbb4ed14c8c2c56451a2be708fe4, reversing changes made to d87eaa7e12314aff2efe7ae66b075260331f6d21.
lizmat confirms master builds again 15:46
m: say sprintf(q/%*s:/,10,"foobar") # passing width as a parameter 15:48
camelia foobar:
lizmat m: say sprintf(q/%-*s:/,10,"foobar") # left-justify with width as a parameter
camelia foobar :
lizmat m: say sprintf(q/%*s:/,-10,"foobar") # left-justify with negative width as a parameter
camelia foobar :
lizmat m: say sprintf(q/%-*s:/,-10,"foobar") # left-justify with minus and negative width as a parameter 15:49
camelia foobar :
lizmat somehow I'd expect that last one to right justify again
but I guess it's either the flag, or the value
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Geth rakudo/rakuast: 47075bd5ee | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | 2 files
RakuAST handling of empty statements
vrurg lizmat: could you have a look at github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/3891...r488808950 please? I'll unavailable for IRC for a while. 16:41
Geth rakudo/rakuast: 732867782f | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | src/Raku/Actions.nqp
Allow late-bound resolution of &-sigil vars
rakudo/rakuast: c20ea93518 | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | src/Raku/Actions.nqp
Add missing postop action method
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Geth rakudo/rakuast: 6135ba81c7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.e/Formatter.pm6
All formats now active

  - also refactor using some handy subroutines
lizmat argh, my tests were testing the old sprintf :-( 21:15
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Geth rakudo/rakuast: 60e65e2788 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.e/Formatter.pm6
RakuAST::ArgList does not appear to like arrays

  - all functional again now
  - also fix copy-pasto
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Geth rakudo/macos-install-notes: 5 commits pushed by Altai-man++, (Vadim Belman)++ 23:43
rakudo/macos-install-notes: df68eb29a7 | (Vadim Belman)++ | 2 files
Add CAVEATS.md file

Move all platform-specific notes into it.
rakudo/macos-install-notes: 7e11234e00 | (Vadim Belman)++ | CAVEATS.md
Fix erratas

Thank @JJ and @coke!